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What is the difference between the remedial massage and myotherapy?

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remedial massage and myotherapy


Have you ever come across such terms in the treatment that you feel like they are same to each other? Well, many people refer remedial massage nada myotherapy as the same way of treatment. But when we study it in detail we will identify the difference between both the terms and will also be able to determine which of them might be used in which condition. This confusion occurs because both the therapies are used for treating the non-specific tissue pain and ailments. In this piece of writing, we are going to learn that how does a remedial massage differs from a myotherapy, we will also learn that when and where to use both of them, starting with the description of both remedial massage and myotherapy the article will end up on precious suggestions.

Remedial massage

A perfect therapeutic form of massage, remedial massage involves a direct application of oil on the skin, which makes sure that those muscles which are associated with the injury or damage are deeply penetrated or not. In this massage, the therapist uses different techniques of manipulating the muscular tension and aiding the relaxation. Remedial massage is referred to those who are having specific pains or muscular tension. Mostly the conditions like carpal tunnel, stiffed neck, headaches, sports injuries are dealt with this message. Particular tests are performed to identify whether you need this massager not and then your therapist helps you in coming out of such conditions by applying his expertise in this field. This massage helps the individuals by healing their injuries and releasing the contracted group of muscles. This increase the blood flow in the body and reduces the inflammation and swelling in the parts of the body which are injured or affected.


Myotherapy is the much broader range of different techniques and massage that helps the individual to overcome the unusual pains and aches, myotherapy usually focuses on the trigger point therapy but it might also go for the other techniques when required, these techniques can be, cupping, muscle stretching, dry needling, deep tissue massage and musculoskeletal alignment.

This therapy includes a set of course in which the benefits of massage is studied deeply and applied to treat and reduce the stress and pain in muscles. Myotherapy is highly recommended in the conditions like. The stress of cancer or heart disease, stomach pain, fibromyalgia or other conditions.


Proper consultancy is required before beginning any type of massage. The pressure that your body can bear must be communicated well to the therapist clearly and this may undergo a variation because different parts of body can bear different level pressure. This area of treatment is very critical and sensitive in a way that it can cause great trouble if not handles with care. So, it highly recommended avoiding the self-treatment in such conditions, because the parts of body are designed with the set of muscular tissues which are not only sensitive but they are also very useful. Another useful piece of work can help you out where you can find out the effects of remedial massage therapy.

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