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What is the difference between remedial massage and physiotherapy?

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Remedial Massage


Massage and physiotherapy, both the terms are frequently used and heard nowadays, however, some people use it synonymously because both of them are used to help in fighting the pain and aches, But when we go into a detailed study, we will find that there is a great difference between both the terminologies.

In this piece of writing we are going to discuss both of them and mainly we will highlight the difference between remedial massage and physiotherapy. We will also suggest the best way to choose among them. 

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a set of determining, identifying and treating the pain or the conditions that are causing pain, problems in movement, weaknesses, stiffness caused by some accident or illness. The physiotherapist has their hands on electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, x rays or others, through which they assess, diagnose and then treat the aches and pains. We can also understand it in this way that physiotherapy helps us in alleviating the symptoms of unusual body movement.

This therapy uses a number of methods to restore the normal activity of the body, massage is one of the treatment method used under the umbrella of physiotherapy. Whereas if you study it in detail you will come to know that there is a huge list of treatments which a therapist uses to overcome this problem in movement.

What is a remedial massage?

Remedial massage is one of the types of treatment used as a physiotherapy, but sometimes it also stands alone as a therapy, remedial massage is used to treat many conditions and the main focus in remedial massage is to treat the group of tissues which are injured so that the inflammation and swelling could be reduced, in the result the affected part of the body heals up and start working properly.

You can say that if your physiotherapist is referring your message as a treatment then he is talking about remedial massage because remedial massage is the one which is used for the purpose of breaking down the knots and adhesions which are caused in the muscles because of over usage or some injury. It is inclusive with the techniques like relaxing, rubbing and pressing the trigger points through which you can ideally gain back the normal movement of muscular system. In this therapy pressure is applied to the muscles and the soft tissues of the body especially of the limbs and spine, the amount of pressure varies according to the requirement and the body part.


Any therapy whether massage or physiotherapy or any other needs an expert to deal with it. This area of treatment is very critical and sensitive in a way that it can cause great trouble if not handles with care. So, it highly recommended avoiding the self-treatment in such conditions, because the parts of body are designed with the set of muscular tissues which are not only sensitive but they are also very useful. You can also refer to the topic that does remedial massage fix the knee pain for more information.

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