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What Can I Do with a Degree in Fashion Photography?

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Fashion Photography

English fashion designer Stella McCartney considers fashion photography to be a coveted dream where “it’s like we all want to be those women. We want to wear those dresses.” Now, she may have had a chosen few fashion photographs or dresses in mind, but we can all agree that the magic a fashion photographer works with their lens and other technical gear is barely resistible. And this is as much true in the case of a floor-sweeping ball gown as it is the case with classic denim and a t-shirt.

Are you also interested in pursuing a fashion photography course, but not sure of where it can lead you to? Know about the various options available after a degree from top fashion photography colleges in India.


Editorial Fashion Photography

Perhaps the best way to describe the job of an editorial fashion photographer is the task of conveying messages, spinning up stories, or educating readers without the use of text. Such images are generally published in magazines, newspapers, documentaries, and textbooks. The purpose of such photography is less of advertising and more of depicting a theme or a mood. Images taken for editorial photography cannot be used for commercial purposes.


Catalogue fashion photography

Often featuring a plain background, catalogue or commercial fashion photography is solely focused on the promotion or marketing of a high-end brand’s products. Under catalogue fashion photography, poses are determined based on the clothes, footwear, jewellery, and other accessories. This is done to ensure that each and every element of the outfit is clearly visible for brand promotional purposes. Besides product catalogues, catalogue fashion photography can also be featured in print ads to capture the reader’s attention.


Street fashion photography

Where high fashion photography features renowned celebrity models posing in over-the-top apparel and larger-than-life hats and jewellery, street fashion photography sits on the opposite end with its more relaxed and rustic looks – looks that showcase the common man’s everyday wardrobe styles. So, where high fashion could involve the use of shimmery jewels coupled with extra-large tulle ball gowns, street fashion photography models can typically be found in casual outfits such as jeans, hoodies, and t-shirts.

This type of fashion photography can be found featured in both catalogues and editorials owing to the style flexibility.


Beauty editorial

Not all kinds of fashion photography centres on shooting models in different outfits. Some like beauty editorials are all about focusing on the face of the model and the upper half of their body. Beauty editorials are the ideal way to capture elements such as makeup, hairstyles, and jewellery for the face. These editorials can also be used to shoot photos of jewellery for the feet, hands, and the neck. In fact, it is not uncommon to find beauty editorials even for different kinds of eye-catching nail art.


Photography tutor

No joy compares to that of passing on one’s knowledge to those following behind. Becoming a fashion tutor, as exciting a career choice as it is, is best-suited for those with some substantial experience in the field. You can either choose to organise regular classes offline, open up your institute online, or also teach the tricks of the trade via various media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

To excel in the field of fashion photography, it is best to get oneself enrolled in reputed fashion photography colleges in India, such as the Pearl Academy. Via award-winning photography tutors, students will receive a 360-degree understanding of the technical and creative aspects of fashion photography that will help them make their way through an industry so vast and competitive. Students can become successful fashion photographers in either of the niches mentioned above.

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