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What Are The Servicing Checkpoints And The Services Included For Your BMW?

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BMW service center in Dubai

Owning a German precision automobile is a matter of pride and joy driving an advanced vehicle, just like the tag line of BMW – Sheer driving pleasure.

However, owning these technologically advanced machines needs routine careful maintenance to keep them in their prime, to increase their longevity especially in a hot, dusty and humid place like Dubai.

Getting your BMW serviced at the right intervals is highly important and building a good relationship with an independent BMW service center in Dubai, will help you take care of your beloved car without spending a fortune on it. You would want this service provider to perform the required services as per factory specifications.

BMW’s are automotive technological marvels, where the digital diagnostics meets German engineering seamlessly to give you the uncompromising driving experience.

Onboard diagnostics make note of every fault within the car, triggers the BMW service needs basing on your car’s requirements and not go by the standard mileage or timeline. This makes sure that

  1. You don’t go in for any unnecessary service inspections or checks, saves money and time.
  2. The onboard diagnostics identifies and makes an advance note of potential malfunctions in the vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems. This information can be easily accessed by an independent BMW service center in Dubai, well equipped with the latest technologies like computer-based onboard diagnostics reader by simply plugging in and get straight to repairing the issues, and not spend valuable time in figuring out the maintenance and service needs of your BMW.

A scheduled BMW service and maintenance categorized into three main servicing schedules – Oil & Safety Service, Inspection I, and Inspection II.

  1. BMW Intermediate Oil Service – this is the most frequent services amongst all. It is usually done in the intervals of every 16000kms to 24000 kms. Based on the driving style, road and weather conditions, oil change is needed to be done.
  • BMW Oil & Safety Service: This BMW service include a change in oil with filter change and a safety check crucial aspects of your BMW is done including brakes, lights, indicators, rubber belts & hoses, steering and suspension components. Adding to these parts check, the technician will also do fluid checks and top them up wherever necessary, check wipers and wiper fluid, check the tire pressure, the horn, and also ensures all the safety warning lights on the dashboard are still active and functional. This also includes tyre change by rotating the tires and they are balanced, wheel alignment is also done.
  • BMW inspection 1 – Minor service – This is done at a 50000kms mileage checkpoint. This includes a thorough check of both the chassis and under the hood. The vehicle is taken for a test drive, the onboard diagnostic is read and suitable troubleshooting is done. Detailed inspection of the exhaust system’s leaks and overall condition, parking brakes cables are inspected. Tire are inspected for wear, tire pressure is checked and verified. Brake pads are checked and replaced, suspension components are inspected and replaced if needed.
  • BMW Inspection 2 – Major Service – This is done at the 100000kms mileage checkpoint. This service is as it is named, a major service that entails inspection and repair of all the systems included in the minor service, in addition to other system inspections. Includes parking brakes check, replacing all air filters, spark plugs will be replaced. The car’s body is also inspected for any signs of rusts. The battery might also be replaced. Belts and hoses are inspected and suitable replaced.

The most reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective BMW service center in Dubai is ZDegree. They have pioneered in servicing luxury and sports cars like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martins. They have become a force to reckon with in handling German racing machines. Their technicians are well-trained seasoned personnel, who are able to provide nuanced and fine-tuned services for your BMW.

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