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What Are The Different Types Of Roller Shutters?

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Roller Shutters

Roller shutter doors or shutters are a curtain that comes in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. You will see them at any building commercial, like storefronts, or warehouses. However, their applications are not limited to them, alone. Roller shutter doors have seen increased use in residential spaces, as well. More families want to protect their homes from weather, break-in, and harsh temperatures. However, before choosing any type of shutter, it is essential to know the different types that one can consider.

There are, essentially, four types of roller shutters:

•    Built-in roller shutters

•    Manual shutters

•    Integrate shutters

•    Electric/ Electronic shutters

Built-In/On Shutters

Built-In and Built-on shutters are similar, yet different. Where the first one, has the shutter box place within a lintel or beam above the door or window, the latter places the holder above and visible on the building.

Depending on the need of an individual, the use of both differs. It is often observed that commercial buildings have built-on ones over the other. However, the ones concerned about the aesthetics, especially, in residential areas, built-in shutters are preferred with their concealed box.

Both of them, however, are available in different materials and colors, along with the mode of operations and designs. For instance, a building can use a rolling shutter made of high-quality steel rods with a visible box. Similarly, a house can have an aluminum or polycarbonate electronic shutters that may or may not be built-on.

Manual Shutters

Shutters that don’t use electricity and requires the external application of force is a manual type. There are a few types within this category, as the push and pull and the mechanical ones. Both are manual, but their core principle differs. Where one utilizes strength, the other uses gears, and a pulley to make do.

Push and pull is the most basic type of shutter, even today, it is preferred over electronic shutters in Hyderabad, for shops. To use it, an individual needs to lift the sheet and push it upwards to open and pull in down by the handle to close. Whereas, the mechanical ones use gears and pulleys to open and close.

Despite the difference, both are sturdy and lasting shutters. That is the reason behind its preference in industrial and commercial places. They are available in different designs like webbed or grilled one for storefronts.

Integrate Shutters

Integrate shutters combine your windows and the metal curtain as one unit. You may have seen in some homes, they have bar-like windows in their rooms, they can, actually, open and close using electricity.

They can also be in the form of normal shutters, but they will have remote control where individuals can set a time for them to open and reveal the sunlight in the morning. This function makes them convenient while protecting the room from external climatic conditions.

Electric Shutters

electronic shutters

Electric shutters are widely used today. They are easy to use and convenient, as well. These days, they come with an accompanying phone application using which one can control the shutters. Moreover, the app enables one to create customized timings for the operation of the metal curtains, leaving individuals with space to take care of other important tasks.

The electric shutters come with a tubular motor fitted in its rollers along with gears. It takes up less space and gives ease of use to its users. Due to this characteristic, both residential and commercial buildings use electronic shutters in Hyderabad.

With convenience in mind, the shutters are designed in such a way that they can be used, manually, in spite of power cuts. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Roller shutters have multiple applications and use in different places. They can be used in homes and retail outlets and warehouses, alike. The list mentioned above is primitive, to say the least because when one focuses on the materials, the list is bound to be longer.

However, it should help you out on your roller shutter purchase for your homes or stores. A suggestion, however, would be to consult professionals in the matter, to invest in the shutter that is the most suitable for your requirement.

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