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What Are Different Styles of Wigs and Hair Extensions Packaging

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Styles for packing:

In the proceeding lines, some of the styles for packing the wigs and hair extensions are mentioned:

  • Pull it out:

As its name suggests, it is a box that has the hair extensions inside the box. you have to pull out the inner covering of the box to fetch out the hair extensions.

  • Window imitated:

Some customers want to have a glimpse of the color, texture as well as the glow of the hair extensions and wigs. The real trouble occurs when the continuous opening and closing of the hair extensions and wigs cause damage to their shine and glow. The window boxes are a solution to this problem. As the name suggests, there is a transparent plastic covering in the box that helps the clients to peek into the box to have a clear idea of color as well as texture and quality of the hair extensions and wigs.

  • Lid oriented:

The lid oriented boxes are the customized boxes that are accompanied with a lid. You will simply lift the lid to get the wigs and hair extensions packed inside them. The plus point of this box is that it is easy to open and comfortable to close. The hair extensions are laminated in an additional layer of plastic covering that prevents the seasonal changes to affect the durability and glow of the hair extensions. You can use the hair extension and wigs and can close them in the same manner after usage.

Hair Extension Box

  • Long flaps:

The long flaps are typically designed as well as suggested packing style for the hair extensions. The hair extensions usually come with the manual setting as well as with the single layers of hair that can be attached anywhere in the head. The long flaps help the extensions to retain their shape while saving the space and avoiding the storage-related issues. This kind of hair extension packaging wholesale is also thoroughly laminated via durable plastic. 

  • Paper boxes:

When you have a small business and you do not have enough capital to invest in the custom boxes than this is the best option for you. The paper boxes are the kind of boxes that are laminated from inside to protect the hair extensions and wigs while offering comfortable printing solutions to the manufactures. This is good for low-quality hair extensions and wigs.

  • Display boxes:

The display boxes are the kind of boxes that allows the customers to have a thorough display of the wigs and hair extensions. The front side of these display boxes is made up of transparent plastic allowing a clear as well as a visible display of whole wig/ hair extensions packed inside of these display boxes. 

  • Stamped boxes:

Stamped boxes are the kind of boxes that have engraved/ embossed stamped on the front side of the box. These boxes can be lid oriented, windowed, or of any other type. The stamped in embossed on the front side with the required color for an aesthetically delightful experience. The colors that are quite popular for embossment/ stamping of the stamps/ logos on the custom boxes are usually silver and golden. The golden is a more recommended color as it gives a luxury impression of the brand offering the customer an aesthetic pleasure along with the impression of high-quality branding of the product.

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