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Ways How Technology is Spoiling the Education System

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Technology is both the boon and bane for the people. It has benefited as well as harmed people at the same time, be it the older people, the adults or the children.

Let’s talk about how the technology has impacted the students –

It has been seen that the students enjoy all the advantages of technology but alongside it has also proved detrimental and threatful to the students. Teachers as well as students don’t instead to use their brains instead they rely on computerized- automated systems. Let’s see which are some technological hazards for education system and for students –

  1. Time consuming– The most of the learning time get wasted as the students or the teachers who do not know how to employ and make use of the new technology, they waste their time in solving the technical troubles in the classroom. For example, if the students want to take assignment help Sydney online, but he finds trouble in getting help due to technical error. Lot of time is wasted in that process. Moreover, different students have different skill levels in using technological equipment so it is also challenging for the teachers to handle the students at different technical- intelligence levels. So, most of the quality learning time is wasted in these things which is not good for students.
  2. Distraction element – When the new technology is introduced, the students get over-impressed by the charm it provides and pay less attention to the important information being communicated to them crucial for their academics. If most of the teaching will be done using the computers and PowerPoint lectures, the basic needs of education would be difficult to meet. Computers cannot be the substitute for all the hand-on experiences like with science equipment, art supplies, musical instruments.  Overuse of technology can lead to number of problems. Students learn best by interacting physically and mentally with what they are studying.
  3. Game psychology – This is the main problem among students because they take computers and technology as game playing. Though this can be also considered as an advantage but it is not helpful for the long run. Because the students will not become serious in studies, they will take the studies lightly. They may try their skills at hacking without thinking about the consequences. Also, the students can access the sites which are not appropriate for them.
  4. Students are becoming technologyfreaks

The modern technological world is making the current juvenile technology-freaks. For each and every problem, the students rely on internet and technology. From their favorite TV shows to the homework related problems, the students remain dependent on these technologies. As a result, the students are unable to solve their work problems by themselves using their own intelligence.

  • Cyberbullies – The growing trend of technology in educational sector has caused number of cyberbullies committed online on daily basis. The major victims of this are students who are ignorant about various cybercrimes. The famous social networking sites are the main cause behind cyberbullying. The cyberbullies always expose the victims and demoralize them due to which most of the suicidal attempts are made. The students are harassed and tortured online and they feel reluctant to share those experiences with anybody else.
  • Insomnia – For the people who do not know what insomnia is, it is actually a sleeping disorder which happens when the students or people do not get enough sleep due to powerful global system i.e. internet. The light coming from the computers and other technological devices prove detrimental to the health of the students and keep students deprived of their good sleeping patterns.
  • Health problems – As everything in the classrooms and school is getting technology-oriented, so the students are getting mentally and physically affected as well. At a very small age, children are getting adverse effects on their health. Problems like weak eye-sight is common today. They suffer from the severe headaches, neck pains or backaches. These ailments can deter any person from living a healthy sleep cycle.

So, discussing these negative impacts of technology has made it clear how the emerging technology is proving threatful for the students. The students have solved enormous education-related problems but along with that they have become technology-addicts and victims of cyberbullying which is not a thing to be ignored. So, the technology should be used in a balanced way so that it can prove benignant to the students instead of becoming a cause of misery.

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