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Want to Get Best From Your Heating and Cooling System? Keep a Close Eye on These 3 Factors

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Do your heating and cooling system operate to its full potential? Is your heating and cooling system compliant with safety, health and other environmental regulations? Do you usually face continual maintenance issues with your system? These are some of the most frequently asked questions by the experts to check whether your heating and cooling system is in an optimal condition or not.

With any kind of facility assessment, one of the very first areas to check out is the heating and cooling systems. You should know the life span of your system. In case your heating and cooling system is very old, it could probably suck a lot of energy and waste your hard-earned money.  Your old heating and cooling system can be racking up huge maintenance bills. If so, you should be very proactive in replacing the same.

The factors you need to keep an eye on for the proper maintenance of your heating & cooling system:

1. Power Bill:

The usage of energy is a great starting point as the opportunity for cost savings is quite significant.  HVAC comes in the close second position when you are considering to be energy efficient. The high-tech HVAC systems have the potential of saving up to 30 to 40 per cent of the energy costs. The return on investment on HVAC upgrades usually ranges from one to five years and depends on the level of the system’s use. This is well worth the money when considering HVAC systems & can last for ten or more years, depending on the overall usage & the prevailing climate conditions.  Interestingly, the overall design of an HVAC system has some very significant impacts on the overall productivity as well as the energy savings. If you do not have proper controls on your heating and cooling system, it can prove to be counterproductive and can put a lot of strain on the electricity bills.  Thus, you should keep an eye on your electricity bills if they are shooting up it means your heating and cooling system is demanding foe maintenance.

2. Airflow:

The heating and cooling system should mandatorily have a correct airflow and should be installed in the right manner in order to make it work optimally. It should necessarily be installed in such a manner that the static air pressure, which is formed, drops across the handler.

3. Air Filters:

Apart from the adequate design and proper installation, the experts encourage regular HVAC maintenance to ensure optimum operation. The air filters should be changed every month and the heating and cooling systems need to be properly charged with refrigerant on regular intervals.

In case you do not have a proper crew, who could offer assistance on-site, you should preferably call a local air conditioning maintenance company for the regular check-ups of your installed heating and cooling system. This will surely extend the overall life of your heating and cooling system and also save a lot of your hard-earned money in the maintenance of the installed system.

Getting your heating and cooling system thoroughly serviced at least once every year is indeed a great way to adhere to preventative maintenance. This is recommended to conduct an annual servicing from a heating and cooling technician before the winter and summer months for enabling it to work properly. The maintenance contractors sometimes notice small potential problems popping up which should be attended proactively in order to avoid big maintenance expenses in the near future.  You must ensure that you hire the professional and reputed service providers for your heating and cooling system repairs.

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