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View Twitter Deleted Tweets | See Deleted Tweets

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Find Deleted Tweets

Remove Tweets / Deleted Tweets

The ability to remove tweets is a very needed Twitter feature since it lets users remove some of their truly ridiculous and regretful tweets. However, since the human mind is curious and a query of ‘ What can I do to see deleted tweets?‘ comes up. We’ll try look for methods to search for and see deleted tweets on Twitter.

The microblogging site’s unique function of Twittering can be a fantastic means to express one’s thoughts on a specific person or something. According to a research conducted by Oberlo approximately 500 million tweets get tweeted every day, which is about 5.7 tweets per second.

If you’re looking for deleted tweets you accidentally deleted or you want to view deleted posts that have mentioned you, we’ve covered some of the most efficient techniques, such as using archives and websites that can aid you on your quest. Go through this article to learn more about these methods and learn how to utilize each method to find deleted tweets.

How to See Deleted Tweets?

In this day and age, where everyone is offended by every single thing, people can be observed deleting their tweets from time to time. often.

However, as they claim, if you upload something on the internet, it remains there for the duration of time and will never be deleted. Similar is the situation of deleted tweets.

Let’s begin with four excellent methods you can employ to search for tweets that have been deleted.

I. Twitter Archives – View Deleted Tweets

It’s likely that you’ll find the tweets you deleted from the Twitter archives. It’s true that Twitter archives user tweets can be useful in these kinds of circumstances. If you’re still wondering which way to gain access, we’ve got the step-by-step procedure to follow:

1. Log into your Twitter account

2. Go to your profile and click on the Privacy and Settings option.

3. Explore through Twitter’s Account >> Twitter information

4. Under Twitter information, search for the Request archive and then click “Request archive”

Source: WeTheGeek

An email can be sent the address registered to your account.

5. Open the email you have registered and then click the Download Nowbutton

A zip file is downloaded to your device, which you’ll then need to extract.

6. After extraction is successful, you can look for the archive document the document

7. After opening, you can browse the archive file to locate the tweet that was deleted.

II. WayBack Machine’s Internet Archive

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is an online service tool that lets you browse through more than 598 billion pages of web content to search for archives or to revisit earlier versions of the websites you want to visit.

Before you go through the next steps, ensure that you’re logged in to the Twitter account you’re using. Here’s how you can view the deleted tweets by using the Wayback Machine.

1. Open any browser, and then go to

2. Enter the profile link of the user you want to target in the search bar on the homepage of the website.

Source: WeTheGeek

3. Click the Browse History button.

Results will then be presented by way of an annual calendar

4. Choose the day on which the tweet that you are looking for was posted

You’ll be directed on Twitter with the results specific to date for tweets that were deleted.

III. Snapbird – See Deleted Tweets

Snapbird is a fantastic alternative to look for old tweets. One of the most appealing features about this tool is that it allows you to find a tweet from someone specific in the direct message messages you send.

With the help of the Snapbird tool it is possible to filter and find retweets as well as comments. To find any tweet that has been deleted,

Source: WeTheGeek
  • Simply type in the username of the target account into the search field.
  • Input any details to help narrow the search.
  • Use Search to browse the results.

The problem with this technique is that you’re going have to upgrade your account in order to gain access to premium features to access the tweeted tweets with the hashtag as well as DMs that are sent to you.

IV. Google Cache – Find Deleted Tweets

This method allows you can view deleted tweets saved in your Google Cache memory. In order to use this technique, you simply must ensure that you haven’t removed the cache since this is the main method to locate deleted tweets.

Here’s how to view deleted tweets by using Google cache

1. Go to the Google homepage

2. Explore your Twitter profile

Within the search bar, put your Twitter username and password, then browse the results until you come across your Twitter account.

3. Find and tap on the black, inverted symbol

Find an inverted black sign near the Twitter page’s result, and click it.

4. Select the Cachedoption

When you have clicked an inverted button, go on by clicking to select the Cached option to view the cached version.

It is also possible to make use of this method to quickly lookup other users’ deleted tweets if your cache memory history remains intact and has not been cleared. Simply type in the names of users as opposed to your own, and then follow the remainder.

Wrapping Up

Now it’s time to conclude this article about how to find deleted tweets. We hope that the steps we provided in the guide were clear enough to comprehend and follow.

If you enjoyed reading the article, do share it with your family and friends. For the latest information on additional guides that are informative on Technology Keep visiting Path of Ex – Your Spot for Up-to-date Stuff!

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