September 18, 2021

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Valentine’s Day Cakes For Her

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Your partner is the most significant person in your life. They are your life partner with whom you share all the happiness and sorrows of your life. Hence, it is your responsibility to make them feel special and appreciated especially on Valentine’s Day. It is the day of love and romance, you need to spend it with your life partner with joy and special moments. The best way to do so is surprising them with a delicious cake with their favourite toppings and flavours. We have curated a list of delicious cakes that you order for your partner on this Valentine’s Day 2021. Visit to send cakes to Mumbai for your wife or husband.

You can make these at home or simply go for online cake delivery of Gifts N Roses. Your partner will absolutely love this beautiful gesture and will also enjoy this delicious dessert completely. Different recipes are available on the internet for you to assist in making these cakes at home. You will be able to express your love and affection with these cakes on Valentine’s Day. If you truly want to make this day the most romantic day of your life then you can go for a combo of fresh flowers and cake. Gifts N Roses also offers online flower delivery in over 600+cities in India.

Blueberry Glaze Cake

Blueberry Glaze Cake is as delicious as it sounds. Blueberry is very delicious and contains nutrients like iron, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, and Vitamin K. All of these are extremely essential and beneficial for your body to remain fit and healthy. Blueberries are also low in calories and rich in nutrients making it a healthy choice for your lover on Valentine’s Day. Your partner will absolutely love this if they like fruits and fruity flavours. You can select various toppings and icings for this cake to make it more healthy.

Truffle Cake

Truffle cake is a classic choice and it never goes out of trend even on Valentine’s Day. It is a moist and rich cake with abundant chocolate iced with chocolate frosting and toppings. If the love of your life loves chocolates then this would be an amazing option for you. You can choose different toppings on this cake-like cherries, cinnamon, chocolate wafers, etc. You can opt for a heart-shaped truffle for your partner to symbolise your love and affection for them on Valentine’s Dayor any other shape you want. You can order cake online in Delhi and Pune and get this delicious cake delivered right at your doorstep. Your partner will be extremely happy and will feel really special because of this gesture.

Black Forest Cake

This is a classic and very popularly loved cake all around the world. Your partner will love this cake with attractive toppings with fresh cherries. You can combine this cake with flowers and gifts to make your partner’s Valentine’s Daymore special and beautiful. To send flowers online to Mumbai for your girlfriend, wife, or crush, visit You can get a black forest in any shape and with any toppings you want. You can get online cakes or make this beautiful cake yourself at home. Your wife or girlfriend will be delighted upon receiving such a gift on Valentine’s Day. You can spend quality time together with this cake and have a beautiful time on this festive occasion.

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake is another good choice if you want to go for a delicious fruit cake. This cake is also available in various toppings and icings you can choose from. It is a healthy and extremely delicious cake that has very essential nutrients required by the body. It is an all-time favourite of everybody and can easily be baked at home. It is the perfect way to convey your feeling of love and affection for your partner. This cake looks extremely classy, gorgeous and yet simple and will make your Valentine’s Dayextra special. You can even gift these to your friends and family.

Butterscotch Cake

A butterscotch cake will be a very good choice for having a great time with your her on Valentine’s Day. You can buy or bake this cake with the toppings you like and wrap it in attractive packaging to gift your partner.  The primary ingredients of this cake are sugar and butter and you can easily bake this cake at home. It can be a delight on Valentine’s Dayand it will make her feel more special. So, if you are ordering cake online then go for butterscotch to make your partner happy and delighted. You can even serve this cake to your guests on Valentine’s Day.

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