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Vacuum casting process and its benefits

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Vacuum casting has created a fuzz in the manufacturing industries lately. This method is generally opted when high quality prototype or low volume of parts is needed. Since inexpensive silicone molds are sourced in manufacturing process, manufacturer can cut down the cost drastically and copies created from this process displays superior surface details and dependability to the origin pattern. It takes prototype making and low volume parts making industry to next level. If you are manufacturer wondering about vacuum castingprocess, explore this article to know more.

Vacuum Casting Process:

Polyurethane is mainly used in vacuum casting and the manufacturing process are explained below.

Manufacturing is generally classified into three major types such as making master pattern, making mold and casting parts.

  • Master pattern making:

Master patterns are usually the three dimensional solids of the computer aided drawing designs. In general, it is created with CNC machining or other effectual three dimensional plastic printing. The master pattern is a prominent thing in vacuum casting. It should be flawless. Start from size to other details in the vacuum casting to be precise. Master patterns usually made to withstand 40C.

  • Making the molds

Making molds are the next step. Casting molds are fabricated from liquid silicone. Master pattern is placed inside the casting box and silicones is poured around master pattern. Curing is the crucial part in vacuum casting. It is allowed to cure for 16 hours or more. When it is dried, the mold is split and opened. The master pattern is removed then and it leaves empty cavity which possess the exact shape of master pattern.

  • Casting copies

Casting resins are poured into empty cavity and it create highly accurate copy of original. It is possible to create 20 or more good copies from silicone mold. When you employ it further, re-tooling is also important.

This the common process of vacuum casting method.

Uses of Vacuum casting:

Vacuum casting is lately used in various industries as it is cost effective and encompass various other benefits. Both commercial products and household products are manufactured from this product.

  • Food and Beverages

Food and beverage industry ripe more benefits employing this method. Most of the products used for final package in food and drink package such as plastic bottles and tins, areproduced by this method.

  • Commercial products

Some of the commercial products includes sunglasses, mobile cases, pens etc are manufactured from this method. This method paves a way to innovation in the industry. Since bringing out product with new designs are simple, there is no longer necessary to stick to already existing option.

Numerous firms are involving on vacuum casting. If you are up to manufacture your own product yet novice in the manufacturing process, then hiring a service provider is worth considering. With the experts on their hand, they can achieve the target results with expected precision within the estimated time.

Source this casting method and rely on all the advancement it offers to your business.

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