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Understanding the Role of Hotel Virtual Tours in the Present Times

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Newer Technologies For Online Hotel Booking Software

With newer technologies launching every day, it has never been more significant to keep updated with how hotels can incorporate latest innovations in their business. Virtual Reality is currently one of the most progressive tech sectors that is helping hoteliers achieve steadfast results. Hotel virtual tours is something that every hotel should be using now in order to attract more guests and achieve more bookings.

Virtual reality first made its foray into the gaming world. It was from here that the travel and hospitality industry deciphered the potential of this technology and soon started working on embracing it. Today, an increasing number of hotels are leveraging Google technology to create 360-degree walkthroughs with stunning graphics to give the prospective customers a sneak peek into their rooms and other facilities.

Rather than looking at still 2D photographs of the hotel property, the customers can fully immerse themselves in the hotel, moving within the rooms and exploring the amenities. This is a highly effective marketing tool as it offers complete transparency to the guests and earns consumer loyalty.

Why are virtual tours effective?

Some important statistics to understand the effectiveness of hotel virtual tours are:

  • Hotels that have a virtual tour on their website get 10 times more views than other hotels.
  • 92% of internet users have stated that the ability to see a 360-degree view is indispensable when they are browsing online.
  • Virtual tours decrease the number of wasted viewings by as much as 40%.

These simple stats shed light on the importance of hotel virtual tours in securing bookings.

The best part about these tours is that it offers all the control to the viewers. They can move at their own pace, check out the areas that they wish to, look in all the different directions as they want, right from the comfort of their home. So, having these tours on your hotel’s website not only increases its popularity but also serves as an incredible marketing tool.

You can also opt for a Google virtual tour that will increase the rankings of your business on the search engine. The tour will appear in the Google results and feature heavily on Google Hotel Finder.

How Do Hotel Virtual Tours Increase Direct Bookings?

A virtual tour helps to capture the attention of more customers, keeping them on your page for longer and thus, increasing the engagement. This boosts the customer’s willingness to book with your hotel. Additionally, these tours make the customers return to your property, effectively fascinating new customers and keep old ones interested.

At the same time, you must ensure that your customers have an easy way to book the hotel. Your hotel virtual tour will be hardly of any use if the customers are unable to complete their booking. So, make sure that a booking engine that offers a quick and convenient booking process is well integrated along with the other systems.

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