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Types Of Limousines From Which You Can Choose From

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Limousines are the best car option to rent. You can rent them for absolutely anything; you can roam around the city along with the love of your life, go to the airport in it, you can go to your wedding in them, you can go for business trips in them and can do every other thing you can think of. You can hire a limousine with a professionally trained chauffeur who will take you around and make you feel special.

However, many people are not sure which limousine they should hire from Denver limo companies because there are many limousine options to choose from. But, the solution to this problem is that we are going to give you the specifications and details about some of the limo models which are most popular when it comes to hiring limos.

Five fantastic limo options:

There are many types of limos apart from just the traditional black limos. There are large limos, and there are small limos, there are bus limos, and there are ordinary limos, and you can choose any of these, of course, after you know about them. Below are some of the limousine types from which you can choose;

  1. Limo Bus:

    If you are planning to take 25-30 people to a party or to some other occasion, then you can hire the limo bus because many rental companies offer the rental services of the limo bus. The limo bus is as luxurious as the traditional limo but with the capacity of accommodating 30 people. They have TVs, leather seats, wine bars, proper privacy, and partition. You can make the start of your party even before reaching the venue of party!

  2. Stretch Limo:

    Stretch limos are the top choice of people for bachelors or bachelorette parties; these limos are also the best limo companies Denver. These cars have two LCD TVs, a high-class AV equipment, touch screen controls, USB ports, well-equipped Champagne, and wine bar, lighting on the ceiling, and perfect seats. They can accommodate up to 8 to 10 people. So, in the stretch limo, you can enjoy the ride along with your friends.

  3. Executive SUV Limo:

    The executive SUV limos are a popular choice among people because they have a highly luxurious interior. The interior includes wooden trims, leather seats, cup holders, cushions on seats, bar, etc. in these vehicles. Three people can sit and enjoy their ride. The SUV also has a massive trunk in which you can fit almost everything. Mostly, these SUVs are used to take people to and from the airport. Apart from this, the car also provides bottled water and interesting magazines.

  4. Stretch SUV:

    Stretch limos have more space to accommodate people along with more amenities. They are provided by almost all the limo services in Denver Colorado. you can invite up to 14 people to enjoy the ride with you. The features of the car include climate control, subwoofers, and amps, USB players, laser lights, customizable light options, LCDs, wine, water and champagne, leather seats, and much more. This limo option is ideal if you want to have fun with a small group of friends.

  5. Luxury Passenger Van:

    A luxury passenger van is a limo van to accommodate up to 15 people with all the fantastic features of a standard limousine. You can rent this van if you want to go to the airport or to the prom with your friends or maybe to your wedding with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  These cars have wooden flooring with amazing and comfortable leather seats, tables and cup holders, bar, and a vast place for everyone’s luggage.

These limousines mentioned above are one of the most popular and loved options that people choose from, and now that you have read about their features, you can select one for yourself too for renting.

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