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October 16, 2021

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Types of Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

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Singapore has separated itself from the rest of its Southeast Asian neighbors in the digital world. It has the highest digital penetration rate in the region with 4.4 million people. It is no surprise given that the average number of digital devices a Singaporean has is over three. Given these figures, businesses are really inclined with hiring a digital marketing agency to boost their promotion.

Indeed, digital marketing has changed the traditional ways of promoting businesses, campaigns, and other matters. Still, both have the same function—it is very contended to connect with the audiences. Marketing, in any form, should be able to convey and deliver the intentions of the business.

Essentially, a digital marketing agency can help your business boost marketing efforts via electronic devices or even the greatly populated internet. The digital marketing agency leverages the use of search engines, social media, and other related websites to establish a connection with potential customers.

Let us discuss the different types of digital marketing agency Singapore has to offer.

Creative Agency

This type of digital marketing agency primarily focuses on the business’s creatives, as the name suggests. These include the design of logos, brochures, digital infographics, and even web designs. When working with a creative agency, it would be beneficial if you know the different specifications as well when you are asking for digital output. For example, if you ask the agency to create an image designed for Facebook advertising, provide the appropriate dimensions and image quality. The image should properly load in the web and contain the intended message.

Content Marketing Agency

Also called a public relations or PR agency, this digital marketing agency specializes in writing news-worthy editorials for companies and placing them on relevant online sites, television programs, newspapers, and magazines. It could be a good promotional boost for your company if it will have a mention from a digital publication with a good readership. Remember, everything stays forever on the internet. So, having that mention can be really a good thing for your company as it has more opportunities for getting viewed online.

SEO Agency

Search engine optimization or SEO is a must for companies in the digital world. It enhances the visibility of your website by improving the content and searchability on the internet, specifically search engines. This digital marketing agency can make sure that your website will appear at the top of the search results. It can incorporate relevant keywords in your website, taking into consideration how the users are searching the content they need.

Remember that more traffic into your website means more potential sales as well. The more revenue you generate, the more money you can put into your digital marketing efforts to yield more online traffic.

Website Design and Development Agency

A website is one of the basic ways to promote your business in the digital world—and you have to do it right from the very beginning. A website design and development agency can help you with this given its expertise in the field.

But the question is, is there a difference between website design and website development? The answer is yes. A web design focuses on the web page’s overall layout and aesthetics, including the functions. Web development, meanwhile, is the process of turning the plans to actual output.

In addition, web designers use tools like Adobe Photoshop to craft the website layout while web developers focus on programming languages—including HTML and CSS—to incorporate the function.

Investing in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may cost your business, but you will reap its benefits. It makes it easier for you to track the development in your campaigns, which is necessary so you can adjust your strategies accordingly and achieve better results.

There are metrics that can gauge the performance of the digital promotional tool, such as impressions, clicks, likes, shares, comments, and more. You can customize your tracking program to focus on the specific metric you deem the most relevant.

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