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Types Of Bags To Use In Different Occasions

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Types Of Bags

Bags have become an indispensable accessory for women and men. Having a bag is necessary nowadays because it is really useful to carry important items such as keys, money and other personal belongings, have developed into sophisticated fashion items which now come in many shapes and sizes.

There are so many types of bag nowadays that we don’t know which one we can use for any occasion. Wherever we are going, to the university, the work, even a date, there are some types of bag that are useful for every specific moment.


This is the most functional bag of all, every brand of bag has their models, is probably the most utilized bag of all types because we can find a lot of models that would be difficult resist to buy multipleones from different brands.

These types of bags are used by men and women, because it really useful to carry a lot of things, shoulder bags can be taken for a dating day or to the university. Exist a lot of models for both genders, just choose what you like the most.


This type of bag is the most used for women, there is also a lot of models to carry the necessary makeup wherever you go. This bag is very useful to go everywhere, sometimes the time is not enough to finish the makeup and with this bag life can be totally easier.

Furthermore, even when women already maked up, they always carry a lipstick and other little things of makeup that are uncomfortable carry on the hands, so is necessary use a bag for that.


When going to the beach is necessary go with a bag to carry the things, men may not use it, but women do. There are some types of beach bags, for example, there is the bags that are made with plastic that are waterproof and the bag that are made with cloth, both are really useful to carry all the important things that you needto go to the beach.

Apart from that, beach bag has always the cutest designs, they are really creative and have full of light colors that it really makes feel alive with all those vivid colors.


Tote bag are quite large compared to your regular handbag, but not as large as the satchel. They have a rectangular or square shape with a large wide bottom, a lid on top and two shoulder straps.

Is used for women and men and is really useful to go shopping due to the large capacity of the bag that is why this type of bag is also known as ‘’shopper’’, is very practical to carry a lot of items in there.


Without a doubt, the most used of all bags, backpacks are large and usually has a rectangular shape. It is not necessary to say that this bag is most of the timeused for school or university, but let me tell you that it can’t be used just for school or university, backpacks can also be used for travel, have a walk in the park or even to go to the gym because they usually have many pockets, most of which are secured with zippers that is useful to carry all the important things you will need it wherever you go. It is always worn on the back, that is why the name backpack, and can either be worn with only one of the straps, or for more comfort, with both straps over the shoulders, because this bag was designed to carry heavy things such as laptop, books, clothing and many other items strapped over your shoulders and resting on your back. 

As you can see, there are different types of bags for any occasion and place you go, there are also a lot of brands of that sell some types of bags. If you are a fan of bags there is a page that sells a lot of types of bags and the best of this is that those are handmade bags, ecofriendly and has a good designs for all the preferences, it is called Tinkuy.

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