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Plan Your Wedding Reception Like A Pro

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A wedding is something highly special for everyone. Yet we often see that the most wonderful day of our lives often becomes the most hectic. Though, if you do proper planning you can reduce the amount of stress you have to deal with. You should ensure that your wedding is the most enjoyable and memorable experience! Other than the wedding ceremony, you have to take care of the wedding reception. There are some things that you should pay attention to so that you have nothing to worry about when the day finally arrives. Here is what you have to do.

Get A Dj That Suits You

People often make the common mistake of hiring any easily available DJ. But you should search for a lot of options and select a DJ that would suit you and your significant other. Look for the best Wedding Dj in Los Angeles CA and check their rates. See what kind of music they usually play and the styles they like to go for. If you seem to connect with any particular DJ, you should choose them for your reception.

Set the Wedding Date Wisely

You should bear in mind that if you want a big fancy wedding, you have to set the wedding date months in advance. The fancy venues are usually booked in advance. Moreover, different times of the years have different prices. For instance, having a wedding in winter would cost you less than if you get married in the peak season.

Guest List Has to Be Finalized

Before you book the venues and the catering, you need to know an accurate number of the guests that you will be expecting. This is going to help you figure out the budget costs and other details of the planning portion. You should have plenty of space because not having enough space or food wouldn’t be food. So, count in 10% more guests than those that RSVP’d.

Catering Should Be Perfect

You are the hosts of the event and as such, you should make sure that the food is perfect. The planning for the menus should be done months in advance. You should look out for any food allergies in your immediate family and close friends circle so that the carters can take that into account. If your budget can allow this, there should be multiple options for food served at the wedding so that everyone would have something to eat. The drinks should also have a good variety of different wines and drinks.

Type of Reception

Everyone has their preferences. See what you and your future spouse both love the most. Some couples like to have an indoor reception. But some are charmed by an outside reception. You should consider all the options and see what would suit you the most.

You also have to see if you would want a simple sit-down dinner or a cocktail reception. There are a variety of choice to select from. While you are making all of these selections, you also need to decide whether you want a receiving line or not. This can give you the chance to greet every guest that arrives. Though, do remember that a receiving line can be exhausting. Only do it if you think you would be able to handle it.

The Partying and Photography

After you have taken care of the music situation, you should discuss the dancing and photography aspects of the wedding. To truly enjoy the wedding with your loved ones, there should be an open dance floor after the food. But do make sure there’s the iconic couple dance as well as the father-daughter dance on the special day. Plus, you must commemorate the whole event by hiring a good photographer. Expert’s planners recommend that you look for a Photo Booth for Party CA! It will lead to some amazing pictures that all your loved ones can enjoy. Make sure you give full instructions to the photographer. They should know who are the most important people at the wedding.

The Seating Arrangements

Perhaps the most important aspect of the reception is the seating arrangement because it can affect everyone’s mood. The main couple of the evening, bride and groom, can have their separate table that is facing all the guests. The more preferred option these days is to a table amidst the guests.

The parents of the bride and groom are usually sitting alongside close family and friends. As for the grandparents and the elderly guests, make sure they are not sitting in an uncomfortable position. Plus, if you know that some guests do not get along well together, you should place them in different tables.

These are the tips you can utilize to plan the best wedding reception. It takes a bit of work but your special day certainly deserves it!

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