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September 23, 2021

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Types and purpose of using medicine boxes | RSF Packaging

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medicine boxes

These medicine boxes are very important for medicine packaging, as these medicines require extreme care to prevent people from damaging contaminated medicines. It is important to keep these medicines in a safe place during storage and transportation. It is important to design and manufacture these boxes in a hygienic environment to avoid any kind of damage to the medicine. Therefore, you should get safe and stable packaging so that medicines are not opened by children or unauthorized persons. These boxes are the medical preparation packaging process. It includes all steps from product production through medicine distribution channels to customers.

The design of the box is the best source for attracting customers. The custom medicine boxes are made through an elegant process. These medicine packaging boxes are designs of different colors that have been added with an excellent combination. The textual content contained the names of the products, the characteristics of the product, and the slogan of the brand, etc., the color of the box is integrated with the color of the product. High-quality images, along with product vision of their virtue, and these boxes have become one of the perfect decisions of pharmaceutical companies.

Packaging boxes are manufactured according to the quality standards, with operating procedures, so that they can offer the highest level of protection, information, and comfort. These are the main types and functions of packaging boxes, along with the appearance of cleanliness and reliability of the product.

Custom packaging boxes:

Custom medicine packaging boxes are a type of cardboard packaging. It can be easily formed and put into the desired shape. This packaging comes in many different densities. The density of the packaging informs us about the strength of the packaging. Since the medicines are light, this type of packaging is good for it. For heavy products, this packaging is not very ideal.


The cardboard boxes, paper-based packaging is mainly used for the packaging of medicines. They are strong, and they can be recycled, and they are easy. They can be easily formed into custom shapes and structures. The process for making cardboard boxes is to make pulp from fibrous wood materials or recycled waste paper and then bleach. There are many varieties of cardboard that are used for different packaging types of products.

Corrugated cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard boxes are generally known as cardboard boxes. They are thick, durable, and strong. They have three layers. A is the outer lining, the other is the inner lining, and the last is the middle lining. This gives the medicine packaging maximum strength. Corrugated board is made of recycled paper, which is made of corrugated board. There are many kinds of corrugated paper boxes, for example, double-sided wall, double, triple wall, etc., these boxes can over and over and over again.


Plastic is widely used in the world. Plastic boxes for medical packaging are very effective. It can be reused and recycled and is more durable than cardboard or corrugated board. The plastic packaging is lightweight and can easily present the product without opening the packaging. It is also very economical packaging.


Rigid boxes are the much better version of corrugated board. These boxes are four times thicker than cardboard boxes. They are more reliable and stronger than any other packaging. The best everyday example of hard cases is the mobile case. Rigid boxes are usually made by hand. Its non-folding nature makes it the most durable and strongest. They are more expansive than cardboard or corrugated board.

What is the purpose of medicine boxes?

Secure the medicine: The containment of the medicine is one of the functions of the packaging so that the ingredients of the product are not affected by normal handling.

Protect the medicine: One of the main functions of the packaging is that it can protect the medicine from external influences.

Presentation and information: The function of the packaging is to provide information about the medicine. You can print the description on the box.

Identification: In addition to the printed components to give the identity of the medicine. It is also one of the functions of packaging.

Easy to use: Packaging also provides us with the convenience of Product Management and use.

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