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Trend Micro Antivirus How To Fix The Difficulty If The Installer Can’t Remove Previous Version Components.

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How to Fix the difficulty if the Installer can’t remove Previous Version components

The Installer can’t take away Previous Version parts “displays whereas putting in or upgrading TrendMicro Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) Agent 7.0

  1. You receive the subsequent error message if the WFBS 7.0 Security Agent (SA) failed to install or upgrade:
  2. Installation Unsuccessful. The installer could not take away previous version parts
  3. Search the Trend small Support website for “Error code 302″.
  4. This issue encounters as a result of the installer could not take away some parts of the previous militia.

You have 2 decisions to resolve the issue

  1. There are manual thanks to taking away the recent Security Agent using the militia Uninstall Tool.

Using the Uninstall Tool, uninstall the Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS), Agent

To manually take away Trend Micro client/server security agent (CSA) or security agent (SA) on the subsequent scenarios, use the protection agent Uninstall Tool.

  1. If you can not install the consumer using any of the strategies explained within the administrator’s guide or manual.

If you are not ready to uninstall the CSA or militia from panel > Add/Remove Programs.

In case you would like to make certain that every one the parts of the consumer ar far from the pc.

The Uninstall Tool could support the subsequent WFBS agent versions:

  1. WFBS 9.0
  2. WFBS SA 8.0
  3. WFBS SA 7.0

To use the Uninstall Tool:

  • Download the protection agent Uninstall Tool.

Note: the method on a way to run the protection Agent Uninstall tool may be found in Preferences > Management Tools > clients of the WFBS management console.

  • By doing one in all the subsequent, go online to Windows as administrator otherwise you could use an account with administrator privileges:
  1. For Windows aspect or higher than with enabled User Account management (UAC), right-click Uninstall.the bat and select Run as Administrator.
  2. Click yes if the UAC panel shows up, otherwise, double-click Uninstall.bat.
  3. For Windows XP/2003, double-click Uninstall.bat.
  • Wait Until the following message to appear:

Press any key to continue…

  1. Do you wish to bring up now? (Y/N)
  2. If you are doing not wish to bring up at once, sort “N[Enter]”. a couple   the drivers will not be removed till bring up.
  3. If you would like to bring up at once, sort “Y[Enter]”, the computer can take thirty seconds to begin once more when the tally ends.

Note: All the parts can’t be removed till you don’t bring up your system. Restart the pc to finish the protection Agent uninstallation.

  put in the protection Agent. For the procedure

There are  completely different installation strategies for the protection Agent or Client/Server Security Agent of Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS)

The multiple strategies to put in TrendMicro Client/Server Security Agent (CSA) or Security Agent (SA) of WFBS.

To install the CSA/SA:

  • Using consumer Packager

The consumer Packager tool allows you to put in the CSA/SA via ROM or similar media. This computer code utility compresses the setup or updates files into one self-extracting MSI package, that can’t be copied to a CD or USB flash drive. This technique helps you to install the CSA/SA via bureau on the systems with restricted affiliations or no connection in the slightest degree to the protection Server.

  • Using Trend small Vulnerability Scanner (TMVS)

The TMVS finds put in antivirus applications, searches for unprotected systems on the network, and installs the CSA/SA on these machines. TMVS pings the ports that antivirus computer code commonly use to understand if computers want protection or not. this way permits you to put in the CSA/SA on multiple computers like remote installation.

  • Using Remote Install

You can remotely install the CSA/SA on multiple systems at the same time. this can be attainable to try and do on computers running the subsequent (except wherever the protection Server is already installed):

  1. Windows 2000
  1. Windows XP skilled
  2. Windows 7
  3. Windows aspect
  4. Windows Server 2003
  5. Windows Server 2008
  • Via internal web content

By about to the inner web content, you can install the CSA at your computers.

  • Using Email Notification in WFBS

Using this procedure you can send an associate email message with a link to the installer.\

  • Using Login Script Setup, install the CSA

When unprotected computers go online to the domain, the Login Script Setup automatically installs the CSA. it assails a server that could be a primary domain controller using an associate account with administrator rights. It works solely on those computers that are listed within the Windows Active Directory of the server.

  • AutoPcc install

To install using AutoPcc, run the \\\Ofcscan\Autopcc.exe file.

Note: to examine the installation logs and determine parts that can’t be removed, you can attend the C:\Windows\Temp\WFBS_Debug folder.


For more information please contact our trend micro antivirus support phone number Australia.

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