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Transmission Problems and Repairs That You Need to Know

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The transmission system is an integral part of your car. It directs the power that engines emit to your drive shaft so you can use it to turn the wheels and operate the vehicle as you want. It is always important for you to stay away from transmission repairs and take care of your system always. Some preventive measures and good maintenance will help you in taking care of your car without any hassle. However, as a car owner, you have to be aware of the most common transmission problems and the different types of repairs that you will find in the market. This way you will have a clear idea about what you are getting into.

Types of Transmission Problems:

  • Low Transmission Fluid – The transmission fluid won’t leak or the amount of it won’t get reduced but if you find that in your car, then it means that there is some problem with the seal present in the transmission system or the driveshaft. Address the issue almost immediately to avoid any further problem. If you find a dark or dirty red coloured fluid in your driveway or garage, then that is the sign. Or else you will also find trouble in shifting the gears in your car or slippage, then you are facing some trouble with the transmission. Either way, get in touch with the mechanic and avail for transmission repair as soon as possible.
  • Solenoid Problems – The solenoid is the one thing that will control the fluid transmission when you are driving a vehicle. Most of the times this solenoid becomes damaged because of the insufficient level of fluids. The problem with this solenoid is like the ones you find when there is inadequate liquid in your car. If you are facing issues like car slipping but there is no transmission fluid leak, then you are looking at solenoid problem here.
  • Problems with Torque Converters – The torque converter can be the source of multitude problems that you will see in your car. The main reason why torque converters can cause a problem is because of damaged or worn out needle bearings. If the needle bearings present inside the torque become warm, you will find different kinds of noises coming out of it when you are driving. So, have a lookout for this problem so you can get the transmission repairs done.

Categories of Transmission Repairs You Need to Know About:

  • Resealing Job – Now, this is the most common type of transmission repairs done in the mechanic shops. The common reason for almost all the car problems is transmission fluid leak. This leak can happen anywhere in the car and it is important to reseal it as soon as possible. If the leak happened externally, then just sealing it would be enough. But if you find the leak in front seal, then you have to empty the oil can, seal it and then replace the oil.
  • Overhaul of Transmission System – The complete overhaul of transmission system means removing and disassembling of the system completely. Each part of the transmission system is removed and checked to know how it is working. If it is working fine, then the mechanic will clean and use it again in the assembling process. If the part isn’t working fine, then it will be replaced with a new one.

These are some of the common transmission repairs that are done for your vehicle when you face any issue with its transmission. Regular service checks can help to stretch its longevity.

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