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Towing Near Me Reasons to Hire a Private Property

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Unauthorized or illegal parking often poses a serious threat to residential property and business owners alike. According to multiple California State Vehicle Codes, a property owner is allowed to remove any unwanted vehicle from his property. Typically, a private property towing comes to the rescue and takes care of the unwanted vehicle. However, they are required to follow a set of procedures and keep the local authorities in the loop. Sometimes, a citizen might be confused or ignorant of his rights to hiring a private towing service. In this post, we mull over the common reasons and situations where one can call in for a private towing service.  

Violation of Private Property Parking Rules

Does your residential or business property have a curb or a long driveway? Well, chances are your property is a sweet spot for illegal parking. Sure, you can keep warning signage across your property, but in reality, it does no good. There will always be a violation as people choose to park their cars on a sly before one can spot them. Some even choose to abandon their old or junk cars, without thinking twice. In other cases, one might wake up to an illegally parked car that has been involved in a crime. Now, before you want the cops blazing in, you must inform the local authorities. Also, call in for private property towing near me to have the vehicle towed away as fast as possible. Generally, there is a 24/7 hotline open for residents to report cases of illegal parking and abandoned vehicles. Just search with “private property towing near me” on the Internet to find the hotline number. However, before calling, you will need to get hold of the following information:

  • The Vehicle identification number or the VIN. It is usually found towards the lower end of the dashboard on the left.
  • The details of the car (The manufacturer, the model number, the color, any identifying marks, etc.)
  • The exact location where the vehicle stands. Take a picture of the vehicle if possible.
  • A plausible reason as to why you think it poses a threat and needs to be towed away.
  • Any other information which you think is important.

If your report demands the police to be at the scene, an officer will be assigned immediately. One should never try to remove the car by themselves. Doing so will make you liable for any damage caused. If it’s a stolen car, you might be in further trouble.


Steer Clear from Blocking Fire or Handicap Lanes

Any private or business property owner or their authorized agent can have an unwanted vehicle removed. If you already have an existing towing service contract, the name of the company should be mentioned on the signage at all entry and exit points. This facilitates the towing company to operate even when the owner is not available on the property. Furthermore, if any illegally parked vehicle is blocking fire or handicap lanes, you can call in for a private property towing near me. Remember, if you remove a vehicle from your property, in the absence of signage, you will have to bear all expenses. Hence, it is highly recommended that you have your signage in place according to the following rules:

  • The size should be between seventeen and twenty-two inches.
  • It should include the name of the towing company.
  • It should also display the contact number of the local authority.

After the vehicle in question has been removed, the property owner or the towing company should inform the same to the police. The following are the specifics that need to be mentioned:

  • The grounds on which the vehicle was removed.
  • The mileage details of the vehicle, before it was towed.
  • The address of the garage or the impound lot.

Set the Ground Rules For Parking


 For any business with a reserved parking space, it is increasingly important to accommodate customer vehicles. However, when illegally parked vehicles take up space, your customers might choose to leave. This brings a negative impact on your business as your reputation takes a hit. Hence, it becomes necessary to set the ground rules right for parking. Private property towing near me can help keep the offenders at bay and ensure the smooth running of your business. Generally, one should make use of proper and visible signage, warning illegal parkers to stay away. While people choose to ignore the same, all illegally parked vehicles can be towed right away and taken to the impound lot. This should help straighten out the rules of parking and keep away repeated offenders for good.

Wrap Up

Knowing your rights as a property owner goes a long way to handle issues like illegal parking. No matter what you do, never attempt to remove the vehicle by yourself and always consider bringing in a professional to do the work for you. To avoid hassles of any kind, call private property towing Costa Mesa. Working with an expert towing service provider will always keep your property safe and maintain the rules and protocols. Using no-parking signage with towing warning is also a good way to handle day-to-day issues of unauthorized parking.

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