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Fitness Journal – Eat, Sleep, Exercise, Repeat !!!!

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Eat, exercise, sleep, and repeat is the most rhetorical slogan among the fitness enthusiasts in the gym. If everyone decodes it according to his strength and capabilities, it would be great to see the results fast. But most people fall into the bandwagon by getting influenced by the popular trend. 

Most of us look over enthusiasts if you call them 10 hours of sleep is good for health, whey protein supplement from some random brand is good, or this kind of exercise will give the faster result, they believe you without getting facts cleared. We all want to get results faster. So, we all want short cuts. But if you listen to the veterans, they will always say that there are no shortcuts for getting success. Building a healthy body is not an exception. 


Whenever we say the word “eat” flavours go around in our mind. Have you noticed how many years we have passed just satisfying our taste buds? Whereas food is considered living a healthy life. Many health experts say what you eat, your body parts become that. Tell me which part of your body you want to look like a burger. None then stop consuming it. 

Moving from unhealthy eating to healthy eating has always been a challenging thing. But we laugh at the face of challenges. Right. 

A balanced diet is the first solution to striving for a healthy lifestyle that comprises both nutrients: macro and micro. 

Macronutrients contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Usually, our food environment is surrounded by carbohydrates and fats but we need to consume it from clean sources like grains, meat, eggs, nuts, and others. 

In studies, people around the world have been found protein deficient. It doesn’t mean that people don’t have protein sources. But lacking knowledge and busy lifestyles keep us away from protein sources. Milk, soybean, some green leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs, poultry products, and dairy products are the rich sources of protein. 

Whey Protein Supplement is an effective way to avoid protein deficiency due to the business of lifestyle. Its benefits are no longer a mystery among the fitness enthusiasts and embarrassed by them with open arms. 


Man Working Out

Whenever we talk about exercises, some high-intensity workout or big muscles get appeared in our mind. But exercises have a wide spectrum although else bodybuilding, other parts are not well recognised among us.

It is true that everyone should do exercises but which one they have to decide themselves as per their fitness goals. 

If they want big muscles, they should go for high-intensity exercises or weight lifting. If anybody wants to cut off the fat, they should do cardio more often. If you want to improve your mobility, you need to do some exercises like animal crawling, bending, yoga, and many more. If you want to gain flexibility with strength, you need to give a try to planche. 

Or you can do these all exercises but first, identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

So, keep throwing new challenges before yourself and go get them or at least try. You are already a winner. 


Man Wearing Green Printed Crew-neck Shirt While Sleeping

Sleeping is an essential part of life but usually neglected. This leads to many harmful effects on the body. There are many essential processes that take place while sleeping like healing the muscles, producing hormones & proteins, amino acids, and many other activities. Lack of sleep results in memory loss, lacking in focus, fatigue, and many other things. Nutrients are transported to various body parts while sleeping. Cells get recovered while sleeping and many important functions happen in the night. 

You must have heard how much anyone should sleep? This is a common question nowadays. But the quality of sleep matters not the quantity of sleep. Usually, eight to ten hours of sleep is considered the best. But if you are not continuous in your sleep, twelve hours of sleep would not be sufficient for you. 

On the other hand many people sleep six hours soundly, they live energetic throughout the day. 

So, get a sound sleep rather than extending the sleeping period. 

The slogan eat, exercise, sleep, and repeat, a slogan that everybody should decode based on their goals, strengths, choices, and interests. If you are doing dance, you have to mold it as per your need not just following somebody’s steps. Make your own research before practising it.

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