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Topic 5: How to Care and Clean Your Wool Mattress Topper, Pillows, and Comforter?

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Your wool mattress topper, pillows, and comforter are vital sleep essentials that are organic and ensure that you get a good night’s rest.


Several users claim that they are comfortable using a wool mattress topper during the summer season as these products ensure a cooler sleep surface as compared to their regular memory foam or latex mattress. Sleeping on a cool surface is known to have resulted in reduced air-conditioning costs in most homes adapting this pattern.


With the average human spending almost 7–9 hours resting in bed, it is imperative that these wool sleep essentials are maintained in a clean, hygienic manner.


Listed herewith are a few tips to ensure that adequate care and cleaning measures are undertaken whilst maintaining your wool mattress topper, pillows, and comforter.


  1. Care For Wool Mattress Topper, Pillows And Comforter:


  • Increase Breath-ability:

A wool mattress topper has to be aired out for an hour post every use. This will remove any moisture or sweat that has been transferred from your skin to the fabric during the period of resting.


  • Sun Exposure:

It is essential to expose these woolen essentials to sunlight regularly as a method of disinfection. Drying the wool mattress topper in the sun will also revitalize the woolen fibers and induce a fresh feel to the fabric.


Pillow covers need to be changed frequently. Always ensure that the pillows are sun-dried before putting the covers back on, as this method will deodorize and disinfect them by eliminating any germs present in the inner lining.


  • Adapting To Fluctuating Weather Conditions:

Even though wool is naturally resistant to mildew, using a dehumidifier or a space heater during changing weather patterns restricts the formation of mold on a wool mattress topper and pillows.


Invest in a dehumidifier if you live in warm conditions such as a coastal area that is prone to higher humidity levels. A space heater is a great option in the winter months to keep your pillows and comforter warm and dry.


  • Rotational Use:

Flip your wool mattress topper and comforter at least twice a year, as rotational use will reduce the effects of regular wear and tear on these products.


Prolonged use of woolen bedding often results in moisture retention and compresses the pillows and comforters by almost 15%. Flipping and inverting the sides occasionally release the trapped moisture and enhances the softness of the pillows and comforter.


Always try sleeping on all parts of the topper, as it will even out any bumps caused by limited usage. Maintaining this routine will ensure a comfortable, sleeping surface throughout the year.


  1. Cleaning Tips For Your Wool Mattress Topper, Pillows and Comforter:

Wool is a low maintenance fabric with inherent moisture repellent properties. The temperature resistant attributes of wool sleep essentials make them a favorable alternative to suit all weather conditions. Wool mattress toppers, pillows, and comforters can be used throughout the year, both in summer and winter months and do not require extensive cleaning.


However, these basic cleaning tips will help you in maintaining your wool sleep essentials in the best possible manner:


  1. Washing Care:

Regular washing of wool mattress toppers and comforters is not recommended as the woolen fibers have natural protection known as lanolin, a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands present in the skin of wool-bearing animals. As lanolin is resistant to dustmites and mildew, it protects the wool from degradation.


Washing your mattress topper and comforter frequently strips the lanolin content from the wool fibers. If the toppers are soiled and require a wash, always use mild detergents that are specifically produced for wool and use the “Wool” mode on your washing machine to ensure a delicate cleaning cycle with cold water.


Avoid washing your wool essentials regularly, as these products can become heavy after water absorption and damage your washing machine. A majority of wool topper manufacturers recommend spot cleaning or dry cleaning to avoid any damage or mishaps.


However, you must understand that dry cleaning methods involve the use of hazardous chemicals during washing, thereby defeating the very purpose of using organic wool sleep essentials.


Using ordinary dry cleaning agents whilst washing sleep essentials is known to cause skin rashes, eye irritation and respiratory disorders in users, due to the harmful additives that are present in the detergents.


Sourcing a certified dry-cleaner, specializing in cleaning woolen products using non-toxic, environment-friendly detergents that are biodegradable, will help you avoid serious health repercussions whilst washing your wool mattress topper and comforter.


  1. Cleaning Stains:

Spot cleaning is highly recommended for removing blood or urine stains from your wool sleep essentials. You can take a damp cloth dipped in cold water and dab the soiled area gently. If the bloodstain or smell of urine persists, add a mild soap solution or vinegar in small measures with cold water. Blot the area with a dry cloth after a few minutes. You can continue this procedure on either side of the wool comforter or topper till the stain or odor is completely removed. Avoid rubbing hard as this action can damage the wool fibers.


After the stain is removed, you can apply a few drops of alcohol to sanitize that area and place the topper or comforter in a well-ventilated area. A blow dryer can also be used to accelerate the drying process.


  1. Regular Dusting:

Your wool mattress topper, pillows and comforter have to be aired out under the warm sun. If these products are heavy and cannot be shifted outdoors, it can be placed near an open window wherein there is exposure to air and sunlight. The open ventilation will aid in eliminating germs, dust and moisture accumulated over time.


Using a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a dedicated upholstery cleaning attachment will enable you to remove any stubborn dust particles such as dead skin cells and pet hair from the topper, pillows and comforter with ease.


If your wool mattress topper is lightweight, it can be loaded into a dryer for a 20-minute cycle on the heat mode. Running it through this process will enhance the softness and make it fluffy and comfortable during use.


Applying these above-mentioned maintenance tips to care and clean your wool mattress topper, pillows and comforter on an ongoing basis will ensure the longevity of your basic sleep essentials and promote healthy sleep habits.

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