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September 24, 2021

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Top Web Design Trends of 2021

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Top Web Design Trends of 2021

Top Web Design Trends of 2021

Web Design Trends of 2021

Each year, web design trends seem to be drastically different from the last. But the trends for 2021 seemed to be based on technology. They exhibit a common theme of reaching towards being more realistic and by blending the ordinary with the digital, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Websites have literally become an indispensable part of our everyday lives in the 21st-century world. Design trends simply breathe life into the websites that we use and make them stand out in our memory. Here is a breakdown of some of our favorite web design trends that we think will be big in 2021.

1. Abstract Art

Abstract shapes and figures, especially geometric ones like squares or circles, can come off as really simple. Some might even consider them minimalistic and restrictive. But web designers in 2021 have been seen to skillfully incorporate them into complex compositions and coupling them with stock photography or figure illustrations.

2. Neumorphism

The trends seem to indicate that 2021 is the year of minimalist realism in terms of web design trends, and nothing has been gaining traction in that field as the style of neumorphism.

Neumorphism is nothing but a modern iteration of designing web elements that take after skeumorphism. It was a design approach that combined renderings of what is familiar with the outdated or current designs. Most commonly, it represents the merging of two trends at once and closely resembles digital embossing.

3. Parallax Animation

The parallax effect is defined as the separation of page elements into the foreground or background extremes. It is the optical illusion that makes it look like the objects near to the viewer are moving faster than the objects farther away, and web designers are harnessing this effect like never before.

4. Comforting Color Schemes

Considering how people spend the majority of their time in front of computer screens due to the increasingly digital nature of the job market these days, web designers have been incorporating color schemes that are supposed to be easier on the eyes.

Instead of the two extremes of light and dark, web designers in 2021 are seen to experiment with softer color palettes like light pinks or warm browns, pastel blues or pale greens among others. These make the websites look much less jarring and also feel comfortable on the eyes.

5. Scrolling Transformations

Nowadays when users are scrolling through a particular website, they are not only navigating through it but are also interacting with it. Scrolling is actually a very subtle form of interaction, and as such, web designers have been hard at work to ramp up the visual feedback users should get while scrolling on the website.

This ranges from whole shifts in the layouts to color scheme changes and even complex animated transitions among others. In 2021, web designers have evidently been dedicating a lot of their time to giving users an all-’round experience by making each scroll or website feel like a completely new experience than the last.

All these trends seen so far collectively also point towards the hopeful possibility that even in the years to come, web designers will be more concerned with comfort and accessibility than dramatic innovations.

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At the end of the day, the 2021 web design trends tend to look more and more designs that we seem to encounter in our everyday lives than those out of movies. It further goes on to show how important the practice has become in current times, and that we are sure to see it evolve a lot more in the years to come.

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