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Top Qualities Recruiters Look For In Fresher’s

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Job Opportunity Classified

Job Opportunity Classified

Every day and every year after graduating from their respective colleges, students start a new journey as fresher are taking their very first step into the job world. Job search is the most difficult phase of every individual’s life because of the amount of struggle and rejection they have to deal with in order to get their dream jobs.

There are certain points for a fresher to know and understand whether they really have what it takes to get that well-defined job that helps in their future.

A recruiter and a company will search for traits and characteristics in a new job seeker –

Quick learners – If you are in desperation to get a job as soon as possible after you’re done with your college you need to build yourself up to the expectations of the company. As a fresher even if a company gives you time to learn the work of their company, they give you a probation period in which they test whether you are really capable and observant. Your learning skills should be quick and about to be able to process what the company is expecting you to deliver in a task.

Adaptability and flexibility – As a fresher placed in a corporate office, the corporate world is totally an alien world to you. What you were in your college that has to change because corporate culture demands you to become like a working professional. A company will definitely see whether your personality is strong enough to adjust and adapt to the environment, the people and how well are you able to handle professional relationships and work.

Good interpersonal and Communication skills – Communication skills are the topmost priority in any field and company. Your communication skills can either work in favor of you or can make you face rejection. The first thing an interviewer check is how well are you able to handle or start a conversation which starts with your basic description. In the corporate sector, the interviewer might use some strong words which would also take time for you to understand it is only to check your confidence.

Enthusiasm – An interviewer looks for enthusiasm in an employee. They observe how enthusiastic is an applicant about the job, to learn newer things and willing to be a part of a company to help in its further growth.

Strong work ethics – Every recruiter desires a strong work ethic in an applicant. Companies love to work with employees who have strong work ethics and are professionals. They know how to manage time and handle the pressure.

Stability and persistence – When a recruiter is hiring for a company it is common that they are indecisive to select an applicant because they don’t know about their stability. Many companies get contracts signed by their employees to see whether they will maintain their stability no matter how pressured they feel in their jobs, by their counterparts or even their seniors.

Versatility – Versatility is when a person is knowledgeable and has many hidden talents that make him/her unique and different from others. Every recruiter wants to hire versatile people because they believe that their talents can help in getting more business to the companies as well as help in their professional growth.


Problem – solving skills – Candidates possessing problem-solving skills are highly demanded. A creative mind always has some innovative ideas or solutions to the questions thrown by the recruiters in front of them.


Humility – For a person to reach a higher position it is necessary to start from the bottom. Even if a person is experienced if they are changing base to another field they have to start from scratch which is difficult but that is the only way to be promoted to a higher rank. An individual who has humbleness and respects professional relationships is the one who creates a mark in the company and is identified even amongst fellow coworkers.

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