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Top Fashion Trends You Can Shop For with Vouchers to Save Big

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2019 was a great year in terms of fashion. International designers have become the talk of the town. Different standards of beauty, diversity, and elegance were shown on runways and showcased different opinions related to the fashion industry.


Marginal conversations started taking center stage in Indian fashion in 2019. The interest of investors scaled up the brands and brought in more investment. The retail industry also changed itself to become the place where consumer experiences played a more important role. Instagram and the eCommerce industry scaled up fashion designing even further.


Designers focused more on innovation and originality. Men loved to search for light-wash denim, watches, and corduroy, while women continued their search for unique handbags, sustainable fashion, and other trends. Many women prefer gift vouchers for shopping at several fashion brands.


  1. Khadi is Back

The charm of our heritage fabrics has been reborn by our leading designers, according to Prasad Bidapa, a fashion entrepreneur. From Abraham & Thakore to Rohit Bal, all the designers are rejoicing the freedom of fabric in some cool avatars. From best mulmul to rugged spun, expect to find the best of khadis everywhere.


  1. Indigo is the Next Big Thing

Indigo must be the national color of India. Traditional block printers use indigo more than other colors in Jaipur. They brought green indigo and made it happen with a hint of turmeric in the blend.


  1. Combination of White, Black, and Grey

You can definitely find a smooth combination of these neutrals in several designer collections from Shahab Durazi to Rajesh Pratap Singh and Abraham & Thakore.


  1. Indian Accent

Indian label D’Ascoli is doing well on global luxury brands with its modern use of age-old crafts, according to Assomull. You can find a great integration of craft with mainstream brands like Wills Lifestyle and Raymond. There are many brands like Fendi making an entry to source crafts to India with Indian accents as the ultimate fashion mantra.


  1. Sari is Permanent

Fashion trends come and go but Saris are always there. Today, a lot of trendy young ladies are trying saris in different ways. Churidars and blue jeans came as an alternative to petticoats while cholis morphed into stretchy tees or hemlines floated with old lengths. Saris are going to center stage again in 2020.


  1. Curation

When it comes to the overall retail experience over simple shopping, there is a preference, according to a multi-store brand in Mumbai, Samyukta Nair. There is a way to create and curate improved engagement. Brands are going away from just shopping in an old-fashioned way.


  1. The Sense of Craft

You can find plenty of craft forms in India which have served as an inspiration to a lot of designers. Sanjay Garg (Raw Mango), Swati & Sunaina and Sabyasachi worked well with the art of Zari and Banarasi while Vidhi Singhania focused on Blue Jaipuri pottery. You can get more of these inspirations this year.


  1. End of Celeb Styles

There will be a change in the constant obsession with the styles of celebrities, according to CEO and founder of Ekaya, a handloom brand, Palak Shah. Younger generations are now following the heirloom trends from their elder generations and revamping the same with a modern twist.


  1. Add colors to your life

The inspiration for rainbow clothing is the pride movement, be it at Carolina Herrera, Halpern, and Valentino. You can get to have more color this 2020. Fashion always reflects times and picks up on political and social issues.


  1. Functional Clothing

There are different features available like easy to adjust slit-in dresses, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain garments, adjustable trouser length, roomy and hidden pockets, etc. in today’s garments. There was a comeback of reversible clothing last year and it is going to continue this year as work-wear closets in the year 2019.


  1. More room for experiment

Kunal Rawal is a fashion designer who focuses on tone, textures and thread work. Personalization is the key that men are looking for these days. The deconstructed silhouette is another most anticipated pattern which enables breaking up the outfit and pairing it up well. Menswear is going to have drapes, asymmetry, and tailoring in 2020.


  1. Sustainability is the key

Sustainability is going to be a great influencer when it comes to making buying decisions. The percentage of recycled fabrics and fibers and eco-friendly fabrics in the retail industry will go well with the demand of consumers in a sustainable way.

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