September 18, 2021

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Top Athena EMR Features for Hospitals and Health Systems

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Athena EMR

Athena EMR is a comprehensive medical tool that works with just about any structure of practice, including hospital systems. Here’s a rundown of what features make the software perfect for large practices and hospital settings. 

About athenahealth EMR

athenahealth was founded in 2019 and was a combination of two other healthcare software companies. Their experience combined has provided them with the tools necessary to create software that caters to all kinds of clients, spread across the United States. 

Athena EMR is well known for its various tools and features, which include a top-tier health record management system, revenue cycle management, patient engagement, and a network of healthcare providers that help it grow just as they grow with it. 

Athena EMR for Hospital Settings

When it comes to hospitals and clinical systems, the technology and software they need aren’t just about what is required in the present day – their vision for EMR extends to one that includes their future. 

athenahealth is an excellent option for hospital settings as it includes the features and tools that can benefit you and grow with you as you aim to meet your goals, whether for efficiency, productivity, or more. 

Benefits of athenahealth in Healthcare Systems

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with athenahealth EMR in partnership with your hospital or health system clinic. 

Increase in Revenue Generation

As much as you want to provide care in any healthcare setting, it is important that you also generate enough revenue to maintain your physical space, equipment, keep up with salaries, and continue to provide the high-quality care you pride yourself on.

That and more can be achieved when you use athenahealth, which is designed to help you succeed. For example, the billing system includes a rules engine. This helps you stick to the standard rules when filing a claim, and you’ll find that the tool actually helps you create better claims that have a higher chance of being accepted. 

Because of the right networking strategy, along with your ability to provide care in a more productive and efficient way using athenahealth, you are capable of providing care to more patients and thus create higher revenue. 

Plus, if you have the experts from athenahealth EMR tackling the administrative work of the clinic, you can not only provide more time to patients but you can also save on the cost of around ten hours of work every week for each doctor. 

Improvement in Clinical Productivity

Dealing with errors in paperwork, administrative tasks, and documentation can often feel like a disease of its own, and one that doctors may not be well equipped to address. Thankfully there are experts at Athena EMR who know all too well how to cut down on the long and difficult work and transform your healthcare experience into productive and seamless.

The fact of the matter is that athenahealth will take the administrative work and handle it at a higher speed and efficiency than a team of administrative staff can. The whole idea is that the more time you spend on patient care, the more productive the clinic is. 

For example, when doctors file claims, instead of taking a risk, athenahealth will help you avoid denials by fixing and then resubmitting the claims for physicians at your facility, therefore improving the chance that the claim will be accepted. 

Facilitate Engagement and Communication

Speaking to and engaging with other doctors is part of your job, and so it is essential that the EMR you rely on for your record management includes tools to facilitate this exchange. Especially in health systems, it is essential that you are able to talk to and exchange information, whether within or outside your practice, to provide the best patient care. 

Using Athena EMR, you are connected to a nationwide network that is designed to improve interoperability. You can also use this network to comprehensively identify your patients, and learn more about their history using a data network.

You can receive and send out information about patients that is simplified, and relevant to the area of care you are providing. Your patients are also a part of this process, and they can engage with an entire team of expert doctors including you to understand and follow through with the treatment plan that you collectively propose. 

Conclusion – Is Athena EMR right for me?

You may be asking yourself if you should take the plunge and go for Athena EMR for your health system. Whatever you decide, you can get more information about whether athenahealth is the right product for you by reading more about the experience people have had with the software or going through the demo to see what it looks like in practice. 

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