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Top 7 Countries That Grow The Best Cannabis

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Natural vegetation differs from one place to another, depending upon a variety of factors. Due to the quality of soil and climatic conditions, the type of plants also changes from place to place. The abundance of cannabis is dependent upon soil fertility and the availability of sunlight for a long duration. You can find cannabis plants in regions that are suitable for growth. Some countries that boast high cultivation of marijuana are Spain, Mexico, and The Netherlands. Other than this, many countries grow particular strains of cannabis.

Here are the top countries that grow one of the best qualities, as well as the number of weed plants all over the globe.


1.  Spain


For all the potheads out there, Spain is one of the best destinations to find different strains of weed. You are likely to find the globetrotters hovering around the cannabis clubs in the city of Barcelona. Also, the shady streets might fetch you the best cannabis variety you ever came across. All you need to do is get the membership for the cannabis clubs. You can grab the finest cannabis strains at a single place and affordable prices. What’s even better is that the region is a heaven for both Sativa as well as Indica lovers. You can fetch the top quality marijuana seeds in 2020 along with the variants like resins, moon rocks, and oily wax. Once you get your hands on the desired strain, embark upon the natural exploration.


2.  The Netherlands

Here’s the country that boasts the presence of the current weed capital in Europe, i.e., Amsterdam. The place is home to enthralling weed coffee shops that provide the mouth-watering combo of caffeine and marijuana. Along with this, you can find the cannabis products that possess top-notch medicinal utility in no time. Make sure to get your hands on the popular strains like Amnesia Haze, Cookies gelato, and Hulkberry. You might also experiment with other varieties like Fat Banana and Purple queen. The cannabis strains are quite potent and might fetch the best high ever. You can traverse the famous attractions like Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Windmills of Kinderdijk with your favorite vape. Also, try exploring the weed regions to find the perfect blend of flavor and potency.


3.  Mexico

Did you know that the word “marijuana” arises from the Mexican dictionary? Such facts make the presence of ecstatic cannabis strains in the country somewhat obvious. In case you’re a travel lover, you must head straight to the Mexican cities and find your favorite cannabis strain. The place contains the best cultivation of unique varieties of cannabis. Not only does it offer the right potency, but it also takes care of the stoner’s experience. Hence, you might come across the high-ranking strains like Mexican Sativa, Chronic, and Kush in the weed regions. Also, the country legalizes the use of 5 grams a day of cannabis. You can smoke your pot here without giving it a second thought.


4.  United States

The United States emerged to be the top consumer as well as producer of cannabis in recent years. You can find diverse cannabis varieties in the country without any hassles. Also, most of the states in the country are becoming more liberal regarding the use of cannabis. If you’re someone who fancies the American strains, then embark upon the journey towards this region. You can score the unique strains like OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Green Crack. The weed retailers also satiate the lovers of strains like Gorilla Glue and skywalker OG. With the herb being legalized for medical and recreational purposes, you can explore the streets after getting stoned as well.


5.  Afghanistan

When it comes to the right quality as well as quantity of cannabis, then Afghanistan occupies the top position. You might get your hands on many varieties of weed in the country. It is because the cultivation of weed began in the Afghanistani fields itself. All the lovers of the Kush variety must head straight to the weed regions of this country. You can fetch almost every kush strain along with others like hashish. With the generations-old lines of cannabis, you can take some of the best quality cannabis at a single place.


6.  Australia

In recent years, Australia came out to be one of the top researchers in the field of cannabis. You can find the brand new strains of cannabis in this country. Owing to the vast research, the cultivators came up with the cannabis varieties containing more than 40% Tetrahydrocannabinol. You must explore the tribal regions of the country to find authentic cannabis strains. While exploring the natural wonders of Aussie forests, you can grab the best cannabis varieties like Harlequin, Pennywise, and Jack Herer. Other Sativa variants like permafrost are also quite popular in the Aussie fields.


7.  Canada

Another country that allows you to enjoy the best cannabis high is Canada. With the increase in cultivation as well as research related to cannabis, Canada became the hotspot. Most of the countries consulted the Canadian cultivators to find the right directions for growing cannabis. All these factors confirm that the Canadian weed boasts commendable quality. Potheads can find strains like Lowryder, AK-47, and M-39 in the country. Also, you might consider the natural attractions to find other variants like Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. Overall, the Canadian province is another top-notch destination to stock up on your weed supplies.


Final Verdict

Cannabis production is all about the right climate and the availability of land. In recent years, cannabis cultivation emerged as the top contributor to the world economy. Some countries that resort to high supplies, as well as the production of cannabis, are Spain and The Netherlands. Every pothead must explore the right weed destinations to find authentic cannabis strains. From the attractive flavor to the strong potency of the herb, everything matters when it comes to buying cannabis. You can explore the other weed hotspots like the US, Canada, and Afghanistan. All you need to do is plan a trip to the destination and stock up on the weed right away.

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