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Top 7 Best Free Streaming Apps For Android In 2020

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Free Streaming Apps For Android In 2020

People are getting off their TV boxes due to lives getting move-forward approaches. Ever since, things and times have become radically tech-driven and much more sophisticated. Similarly, family fun times going outside for a picnic, going for a baseball/rugby match, so on and so forth has been terribly disturbed with overwhelming workloads over adults amid people mongering for money-spinning business hours. Likewise, kids peers are getting cut off due to extreme gaming consoles addiction (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo, etc.)Hence, destroying almost every social life worth of learning family values and equally getting entertained in those invisible leisure, which most of us only have by nights.

Movie Apps For Android In 2020

Subsequently, plentiful social media platforms have brought families together not only nationwide but at globally. Now we have Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Fb Messenger, Twitter, IMO, and many other similar social networking websites getting exclusively introduced with their intuitive iOS/Android mobile applications. Surprisingly, all those TV sets have also gone mobile with many streaming services websites initiating on the footsteps of these many-sided social media networking platforms. Take a look at these movie apps for Android.

You can check out the premium TV entertainment streaming services if you could enough cash after putting food on the tables for your family. Such include Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and HBO Now, to mention a few. But, for those unlucky like me having a lot to do before getting work time-offs and in the end missing out on the favorite TV shows and streaming movies.

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Movies Streaming Android Apps In 2020

Just check out these following top 7 television shows and movies streaming android apps for your smartphones and tablets, which will keep you entertainment for what you’ve missed out during your livelihood carry-ons.

YouTube TV App (Free)

Incontestably, the red rectangular play button is way too much iconic for the word video to be streaming around in voices not next to its name. We are talking about those YouTube videos guys we see all day long when using our smartphones. This is indeed the best free streaming Android apps for watching television. The popularity could be recognized by just looking at your newly unboxed smartphone having YouTube as an exclusive in-built mobile app for your on-the-go entertainment.

This mobile application is available for both your iOS/Android devices and creates a consistent chain for all your devices amid various YouTube channels’ subscriptions. You can enjoy free news, sports, political debates, soulful religious lectures, documentaries, music, TV Shows, movies, comedy channels, and much more.Conclusively, YouTube is for that every video-maker’s starter/startup platform looking to showcase and share his/her videos in the form of vlogs, documentaries, and video-editing skills with the rest of the world.

KODI App (Free)

Here’s one of the easiest ways to check out what’s trending in video-media entertainment. Kodi is a highly anticipated popular smartphone app that also function as an in-built media player mobile app as well.This exclusive video streaming app also has a central location hub to control your videos directly through its embedded player. Once you have settled all up with its setup application startup process, you (as a user) is ready to view videos and photos as well. Besides, you can also enjoy podcasts and other options as well.

However, it’s important to know that this app only offers user-made content like YouTube. So there’s a high chance for you to move on to other amazing free streaming android mobile TV apps like; TubiTV, Viewster, Yidio (a huge video library from the others), to name a few.

Nevertheless, you can get Exodus on Kodi, a third-party plugin for watching free content via official content providers’ websites. You can check out the unlimited access for movies, TV shows, and much more. Do keep in mind that Kodi video streaming services app is best playable/functional on smartphones having 5” + display screen sizes.

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ABC App – Live TV and TV Show Episodes (Free)

Looking for something popularly pure American? You can choose the ABC Channel app to watch your favorite ABC shows whenever you want. This app will guide you through with the trendy full episodes from a variety of video content. You can watch out for Modern Family, Gray’s Anatomy, and Jimmy Kimmel for the night limelight comedy. Just don’t forget to check out the classics like Body of Proof, The Goldbergs, Ugly Betty, the Good Doctor, Black-ish, Roseanne, etc. Moreover, you can also watch the latest news coverage and other events happening in the TV-entertainment spectrum.

Cartoon Network App (Free)

Do you have kids in your house or if there’s a kid living inside you? This mobile application is just perfect to share one’s back knocks and light knuckles on the one sitting next to you. Cartoon Network is returning its old-school ‘90s times worth of cartoon content on their very exclusive mobile application. What could be livelier than this? Getting your very own childhood memories back in your smartphones, so there’s no way you’ll be getting struck with sadness when there will be a side-splitting sidekick resting right in your smartphones. There are plenty of cartoon series you can look forward to – Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Mighty Magiswords, Uncle Grandpa, etc.

I bet this is one of the best smartphone free video streaming applications you can download for free right now! Nothing’s real in it, but its worth of animated surreal entertainment right in your pockets.

SPB TV App (Free)

This is a free application for your android devices allowing you to have access to watch more than 200 TV channels with multiple language options. SPB TV has a very user-friendly UI with easy to learn controls and functions. Having a clean and tidy spot-on interface lets users browse and scroll their favorite channels in its array of listings. Without a doubt, one of the best android TV streaming apps for your smartphones.

Crackle App (Free)

Here’s the best Sony Entertainment could offer us and indeed one of the best free video streaming services available on the internet as well as for your smartphones. You will find an excellent collection of TV Shows and movies that Sony’s best TV-worthwhile services has to offer its users. Crackle is just too good for you to use it anytime soon, since it doesn’t requires you to signup, letting you enjoy unstoppable media entertainment. It’s ad-free and very versatile for maneuvering around your favorite TV Shows and Series, films, and much more.

With Crackle you can choose what genre you prefer for watching films such as drama, action, thriller, comedy, and much more. The shows are alphabetically aligned for easier user access and selection. Moreover, you can also apply subtitles to the screens for better understanding towards characters’ voice, environment sounds, etc. The best part is that it’s free for both iOS and Android.

Popcorn Time App (Free)

We are looking towards one of the best entertainment catalog packages when it comes to TV-Movies streaming online for free. For the best HD experience, Popcorn Time is a good alternative to Netflix and Hulu as well. Besides a smartphone, you can also try Popcorn application for Windows and Mac devices as well. Just have a decent internet connection and you’re good to go with TV shows and films in yours eyes, popcorn bag in your hands and its content in your mouth. Nailed it!

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