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Top 5 Whiteboard Video Makers For 2020

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There are many free animation video creators that allow beginners to create animations on whiteboard without any technical skills.

Before moving on to the list of the best whiteboard video maker, think about why you should choose the one or what features you need. You can create animated videos using whiteboard video maker.

Here are the top 5 among the lot:

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker

This is a very popular whiteboard video maker with beginners because it allows you to easily and quickly create stunning animated videos on the board. It’s not too expensive, which makes it ideal for Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker.

To develop a video, you need to select a pre-built template, image, text, and more. Just add it. There are many image and music libraries that you can try. You can also contact support anytime of the day.

Explaindio Whiteboard animation software

Explaindio has managed to win the hearts of many of its customers. You can view reviews of the board animation software to verify the truth. Regardless of experience, everyone can use 2D and 3D functions. You can access the components of the drawing board by purchasing this software.

Experience full video, HD, attractive themes and a collection of sounds that can liven up your animated video on the board.

MySimpleShow Animation for the board

My Simple Show is one of the best whiteboard animation programs for companies looking for a simple tool for creating professional animated videos on the whiteboard. It comes with templates for creating any type of business video for your employees, including product demonstrations, employee training or simple motivational videos.

You can also create exercise videos. There are a number of audios, images, graphics and other things needed to create an animated video on the board.

Vyond for Whiteboard animation

Vyond is a great option for both professional and casual animated videos. There are many templates, audio files and other media files that you can use for free when accessing Vyond. Feel free to customize characters, patterns and other items to suit your needs.

The automatic lip matching feature with the Vyond character allows you to turn your boring characters into cartoons that talk and move like a human. The ability of this software to animate the movements of the characters seems real and bright.

RenderForest board animation software


Render Forest is a free board animation program that allows users to creatively present their stories. It is targeted at companies of all sizes and industries. There are many unique templates, as well as great tools that make it easy to create any type of video, such as training presentations, explanations or corporate doodle movies.

Final Words

The modern market requires quality video in a short time. We can’t meet this demand by following the traditional descriptive way of creating a video. The animated board software helps you meet your market needs by providing all the tools and templates you need to instantly create a video on the board.

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