September 17, 2021

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Top 5 Ultimate Guide of Log Book Services

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Log book services are proactive instructions and directive services provided to your car as the manufacturer intended. For smooth conveyance of your car, it is important to keep a tab on regular inspections and small fixings that is necessary for the functioning of your car. Regularly going for a log book checkup could mean a longer life for your car. Small repairs could make a great difference to your car or prevent any damage from becoming too expensive later on.


In order to understand Log book services, its better put a certain confusion to rest; the difference between log book services and basic car services. Basic car services mainly include minor services for cars in general, such as replacing engine oil. Certain regular checks can also be categorized under basic car services like checking the fluids, tires and breaks. Log book services, on the other hand is a prescribed services which have been scheduled by the manufacturer for certain point in time or after certain kilometers.

Things to keep in mind regarding Log Book Services:


1. Keep the Log Book close:


All commercial vehicles are issued with their very own ‘log book’ which has the specific instruction prescribed by the manufacturer of the car. The manufacturer has set down certain specific timings and agendas to be fulfilled after certain interval of time. It is always recommended to take your log book with you at all times while driving. You can keep with you on your person or in the glove compartment of your car.


2. Log Book Service Centre:


You will come across a log book service center after a few kilometers of your journey, more specifically near populated town areas where active car servicing available. Taking your car to a log book service center won’t affect any intact warranty that hasn’t expired. The service provider will go through your log book and administer the services that have been scheduled.


3. Saving money:


Log book servicing allows you to enjoy discounted prices which would have otherwise been extremely high in case of private dealerships. When taking your car up for tune up or repair, it is always recommended to go forlog book services as it is a set services already prescribed for the best maintenance of your car. If money is a priority, maintaining a regulated log book service for your car becomes important.


4. Personalized:


Log book services are a symbol of trust and quality between manufacturer and service man. Instead of opting for private dealership services, independent repair mechanics prefer taking a more personalized care to your car, hence assuring quality.


5. Maintaining value:


Regular log book service checkups for your car allows you to preserve the value of your car in case you ever decide to sell it. Maintaining your car allows for you to demand a higher resale value at the time of sale.


Taking your car for regular log book services assists you to be highly benefited in the end. It enables you to enjoy lower repair costs since maintenance is always cheaper means than repair. By maintaining your car through regulated repair, you will be able to avert future costs. Servicing your vehicle under warranty is great benefit as you can have major repairs and replacements made to your car in case it is met with such damage. The obvious benefit is that definitely gives your car a great resale value. Ensure that your log book is updated after every repair as without the records of past repairs, your warranty might not take effect.


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