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Top 5 High Paying Careers in Demand

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High Paying Careers

With the economic uncertainty, we experience today, we cannot just gamble our future for jobs that won’t compensate for our needs. As tides change every time to suit the demands of the modern world, it is a challenge for soon-to-be college students to take on a course that can help them in the future. Without a doubt, high paying careers in demand are the keys to the kingdom of wealth.

Here at the Top 10 blog, as much as we want to give you the lists that don’t suck, we also like to provide information that can help you plan ahead. Based on research, here are the top 10 high paying careers in demand:

1. Medical science liaisons

Requirements: Must have a Ph.D. in sciences

Pharmacy degree

Work experience in medical research institutions or hospital pharmacies

Top pharmaceutical companies are in need of medical science liaisons for information dissemination to their respective clients and even to potential clients of their craft variance tv. Don’t underestimate this career; medical science liaisons are different from medical representatives.

Medical science liaisons are hired to provide information due to the new amendments on legal and regulatory requirements set for companies. It’s not a joke to be one; medical science liaisons are graduates with medical backgrounds, therefore, providing an edge in client discussion.

2. Account directors

Requirements: Advertising background in television, radio, and print

Work experience as a marketing manager or producer for companies

Account directors surely are one of the high paying careers in demand. They are responsible for the overall direction of marketing efforts and web development of an account he’s holding. As a manager, he is also accountable for the growth of his client’s account as well as responsible financial decisions and account projections. Account directors are needed most by website owners since most people are now directed towards the Internet rather than other media as to where they can advertise.

3. Hotel and Resorts General Managers

Requirements: Business and Hotel Management, Master’s Degree

Work experience as sales managers or director of sales and marketing

Checking-in on general managers of the hospitality industry, it sure is hard to be the one responsible for all the things going in and out of the hotel and resort. First of all, even if qualifications and requirements are set and given, a general manager will not succeed in the business without having prompt experience within the premises.

Assigning a general manager to a hotel or resort business means that that person is capable of managing the hotel and at the same time, dealing with the premier features the hotel or resort offers. One must be adept in that specialty in order to efficiently manage the trade. It may take years for someone to be able to get the job, but with the high pay and benefits, it’s still worth the wait— and the effort too!

4. Athletic and Active Wear Fashion Designers

Requirements: Degree in design or textiles

Degree in fashion designing

People nowadays are more health conscious and active. As the fad is unwavering, people in this line would need to add more to their wardrobe too! Losing weight wouldn’t be so much fun if it weren’t for new clothes! The call for new designers of athletic and activewear is imperative due to the increasing demands from the consumers.

New designs that call for improved comfort and flexibility for the user is somewhat the case for most athletic wear; new minds can spice up some new designs that can be more cost-efficient, thus making it readily available to all strata. Risky it may seem, due to the competition it may cater, being successful in one of these high paying careers in demand can pull in sums of money more than enough for your needs.

5. Estimators

Requirements: Two-year degree, Construction Technology School

A four-year degree, Major in Construction Management

As the needs of people change, the demand for new amenities is also called for. Increasing infrastructure on hospitals, malls, commercial buildings, and other healthcare facilities have stirred the attention of business owners.

In line with this, estimators are needed for the job to do trough estimates or come up with a price list for materials needed for a project. They must be adept in giving out estimates that will certainly be catered by their clients.

6. Project managers

Requirements: Degree in Construction Management or Technology

Work experience as an Estimator

Of course, infrastructure projects wouldn’t be as successful without project managers. Instead of worrying on various things related to the project, hire a project manager to do the job! As a project manager, he oversees all work on the construction site and other things related to the project. He must have experience as an estimator to get the job well done.

Project managers aren’t really generic; they must have their own specializations too. Employers prefer project managers who already had numerous experiences in working with certain types of buildings or particular kind of construction.

7. SQL database administrators

Requirements: Degree in one of the following subject areas:

Computer Science, Business Administration, or Information Technology

2-3 years IT operation, 3-5 years Microsoft SQL Server experience

Structured Query Language or popularly known as SQL sets the new standards of relational database management along with businesses in different categories worldwide. While the trend sets for computerized management of the database, it is a need to hire an SQL database administrator who will help manage the business.

An SQL database administrator is responsible for the overall design, implementation, and maintenance of all SQL servers in the database. Typically, he manages the technical aspects and takes cares of multiple-sourced data. He can also guarantee the integrity and optimal performance of the server database itself.

8. .NET and Java developers

Requirements: Degree in one of the following subject areas:

Computer Science or Information Technology

Extensive experience with .NET development tools

Programming skills and experience with programming languages

Experience in using database applications

With the Internet being the staple of every business today, who else will not invest in building applications suited for Web use? Experts in Java and .NET applications are called for their skills in developing the dreams of businessmen into reality moco space. As a result, these developers use programming code to develop new programs, improve, modify and even repair existing Web applications.

9. Staff accountants

Requirements: Graduate, Accountancy or Business-related field

Similar working experience for at least 4-6 years

With knowledge in handling computer-based applications

As staff accountants, they must be alert and responsive to their duties. These include the preparation of journal entries, documentation, and evaluation of current procedures and accounts. High demand is open for staff accountants due to their course of work. As there are a lot of balances made by businesses worldwide, the potential for career and wealth growth is favorable and unlimited.

10. Financial analysts

Requirements: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Accomplished regulatory requirements

Must pass the Research Analyst Examination

Last in our list is the financial analysts. As the name of the job implies, their main task is to analyze the financial situation at hand to provide guidance to businessmen and investors that serve as their clients. They regularly assess the results of the stocks markets, work for big companies, projecting sales and how much revenue one could earn, compare financial statements, and oh, do the math.

Financial analysts always have the opportunity to work for big company officials to bring out a better prospect in their investments. Companies affected by the financial crisis situation often hire effective financial analysts to help them out of misery; these analysts can make miracles happen with the right amount of skills and intuition too.

As we have left you with these choices, keep in mind that you still have what it takes to make yourself capable of shaping up your own future. These high paying careers in demand do not have any value at all if you yourself wouldn’t invest in studying or perhaps gaining more experience. It is a must that you also consider your capability to handle such tasks; with great opportunities come great responsibilities.

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