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Top 5 Facts That Make Bajaj Pulsar 150 The Highest Selling 150cc Bikes

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The Bajaj Pulsar is the most popular bike in the 150cc market. A bike with a massive fanbase and thousands of users across India, Pulsar has become a household name. The unmatched reliability and price of the Pulsar along with its simple design and high-mileage make it the best option for customers looking for the best bike that their money can buy on a budget. Here are a few ways how this bike continues to crush the sales charts even though it competes with dozens of other bikes in the same segment:

Value for Money

All the features that the Bajaj Pulsar 150 bikes provide lead back to the affordable cost of the vehicle. Most buyers are sold when they hear about what this bike has to offer at its price. Bajaj Auto is a weak-known name in the Indian bike market and is known for giving its customers reliable and long-lasting products that do not require extensive maintenance. With a retail price of under INR 1 lakh and a redesigned look that feels more modern, this bike is an absolute steal!

Comfort and Safety 

Pulsar 150 is equipped with all the features that are needed to maintain an enjoyable riding experience. The 240mm front disc brake ensures the safety of the rider. It is also more stable due to the wide tubeless tires that increase friction between the tire and the road. The digital cockpit and 12V DC headlights give riders perfect day-night visibility while also allowing them to have a clear sight of the road at all times. The best part about this bike is that it also includes the advanced ABS that makes braking a lot safer at high speeds. 


Bajaj proves the notion that budget bikes aren’t stylish completely wrong. The redesigned design has given the Pulsar neon accents that give it a sporty and modern appeal. Available in 7 different colours, there is a Pulsar in the market for every kind of rider. The bike manages to retain its classic pulsar vibe while also transforming its look and feel to suit the present bike market. Coloured alloy wheels, 3D variant logos and the alloy grab rail make the pulsar feel extremely premium and desirable. Dual-tone shades are also a great option for riders that want their vehicle to grab the attention of everyone that passes by it. 


The great power delivered by Bajaj bikes is the main reason why people don’t think twice before making a purchase. 150cc bikes are widely known for the high power and speed that they can provide. Most entry-level customers opt for the 150cc variant of most bikes to have a smooth riding experience on all types of roads. The air-cooled single-cylinder motor is capable of clocking 14PS and an enhanced 13.4Nm torque. This is the best in class standard when compared to most other bikes in the 150cc segment. The peppy acceleration is another reason why adrenaline enthusiasts also give this bike a thumbs up. 


This is a factor that is extremely important to most customers especially if they are looking for an everyday vehicle to help them with their work commute. Most consumers want to make sure that they do not have to spend tons of money refilling their bike every two days. The riding experience is better when you do not have to worry about your ride making a hole in your pocket. 150cc bikes are generally good at this. They deliver good power while also maintaining high fuel efficiency. The DTS-i engine enables the Bajaj Pulsar 150 to boast of a mileage of 65km/L which is amongst the highest in the entire market. 

Bajaj Auto products have been tried and tested extensively on Indian roads by the thousands of happy customers all over the country. A solid and trustworthy option, the Pulsar 150 is sure to give you a bang for your buck!

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