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Top 5 Content Marketing Resources to Consider in 2019

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5 Content Marketing Resources

Content marketing has been influenced hugely over the years. The face of marketing has been altered with the introduction of many new techniques and tricks that can produce outcomes that are even more progressive. You get a look into the most personal aspect of a customer and get the authority to change and influence his or her decision-making.

You can make a person like your product or dislike it at the same time. With effective content marketing, you can generate the outcomes you desire and can get ranked higher than your expectations. Though it’s challenging it worth your efforts to swim through the pool of competition and get your name highlighted.

However, with everything obstacle, there comes a path of success and easiness. So, here in the content marketing department, you get the edge of getting to know experts and learn from their techniques efficiently. You can find out what’s in and what’s out easily from the well-versed blogs posted on many reputable sites. You can get on these platforms and keep yourself connected to what professionals think about content marketing.  

So, here is a list of renowned platforms that you need to consider in 2019 for making the most out of your marketing campaign. Keep reading!

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Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is an advanced platform that provides dedicated content blogs composed with the richness of information. The practical strategies and proven methodologies can help you find out better avenues to generate excellence.

The blogs are full of how-to’s, step-by-step guide, tutorials, video content, and expert guides. Covering from trends to reviews and feedback from experts, the platform is truly an expert marketing institute.

Hubspot Blog

Hubspot Blog is a huge platform that is considered as a world of guidance and inspiring lessons. The platform has a number of qualified writers and it even invites new writers on board making them contributors. Hubspot does not limit its approach to a single field of industry, you can find a wide range of well-versed blogs and content on a huge variety of topics and subjects.

 At Hubspot, you have to advantage to gather resources information all composed by professional authors. You can get to know trends and techniques and even states that are surveyed and calculated by renowned authorities.

Kissmetrics Blog

If you want to know more about how to establish customer engagement and what methods are best preferred to breed success you know where you have to go- Kiss-metrics blogs.

The unique quality of these blogs is that they are highly readable and have the most unique information incorporated in them. Each blog is crafted using profitable techniques that can produce uncountable benefits for the end user.

The blogs hare formatted professionally and are well targeted to a specific target audience. On Kissmetrics, you will get to know content designed for experts but the words and terminologies are as such that even a layperson can comprehend easily.


Wikipedia is the largest platform for the knowledge hunters to discover. It provides vast avenues to the researchers to gather potential information.

On Wikipedia, you get the chance to learn about articles, blogs, and biographies written over every topic. The platform provides free information to the users but the downside is that you cannot promote your brand, as the Wikipedia page editor will not approve such posts.

The enormous popularity the platform receives makes it the highly recommended site to get your brand’s name listed. Even though you didn’t post any promotional article yet your company securing a position in the directory of Wikipedia will help to get acknowledged in Google and that will increase your overall rankings in a blink.

Buffer Blog

Buffer Bogs are yet another platform to provide you with delightful insights about content marketing. You can get the latest news, trends, techniques, and ideas to improvise your marketing campaign. You can increase the overall user engagement and double your outcomes with highly effective strategies crafted form experts of the field.


Forbes is a name that even the kid would tell you. It is one of the most reputable sources to get the highest quality information.

You can learn from the biographies that it covers about the leading authors or the latest insights about everything that goes around in the content industry. The plus side about Forbes is that the platform does not restrict you to anything. You can read blogs of different authors and on various subjects belonging to a diverse range of industries.

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