September 18, 2021

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5 Most Beautiful UNESCO Sites That Are Worth Visiting

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Travelers who have gone on holiday with Planet Escape at least once know that we prefer traveling outside the beaten path. It is not without reason, however, that the UNESCO World Heritage list is being created – appreciating the beauty and enormity of nature or human genius.

Today, we are taking you on a journey through 5 places from this list, which will delight all travelers sensitive not only to the beauty, but also to the diversity of influences or cultures.


India is a country that you can love at first sight or hate as quickly. But in our opinion, everyone should go to Agra, the city where the Taj Mahal is located. According to legend, it is a symbol of the great love of the emperor of the Great Mughals dynasty to his deceased wife. A beautiful palace built of marble and decorated with tens of thousands of precious stones makes an amazing impression, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The best time to travel to India :

October – April (Golden Triangle and Rajasthan)

October – May (Kerala)


An inseparable element of the holidays in Australia should be to see the world’s largest coral reef located in the Coral Sea, on the premises of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park established. Of course, it is best to admire the reef while diving – it is an amazing experience. The abundance of fauna and flora, among which there are many endemic species, and to this the transparent water – the perfect combination.

The best time to travel to Australia :


A trip to the United States is a must have, not only because of the iconic New York or the beaches of California. This diverse country is also rich in amazing works of nature, and the Grand Canyon belongs to them. This is the most amazing river gorge in the world – the Colorado River located in the state of Arizona. In addition to the guaranteed delight over the beauty of this place in the area you can also expect the offer of extreme sports, such as rafting.

The best time to travel to the USA :

March – November (California & Canyons)

All year (East Coast and Hawaii)


The ruins of the ancient city located in Jordan are one of the lesser known specimens of our world heritage. The city belonged to the Nabataeans, an ancient Semitic people, and is located among the steep rocks in the beautiful valley of Wadi Musa – the Valley of Moses. The remains of the Petra building, which were carved in the rocks, resemble the ancient, legendary richness of the city, which was to arise from the location at the intersection of two important trade routes.

The best time to travel to Jordan:

February – June & September – December


The unique work of human hands, and more specifically the empire of the Khmer state is one of the most beautiful archaeological complexes preserved to our times. Within the complex, with an area of ​​up to 400 km², there are numerous breathtaking temples – for example, Ta Prohm inspired the creators of the famous series of films “Lara Croft: Tomb Rider” and here they decided to place some of the action. For us, such a choice is not at all surprising, because the magic and mysticism of this place is filled with everyone who delves into the walls and ruined corridors of temples, which are over and over again by the jungle, wrapped in large stones with polished stones.

The best time to travel to Cambodia:

October – April

Plan your trip and explore the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the World.

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