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Top 10 Destination Spots In Louisville Where You Can Travel For Free

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The largest city in the state of Kentucky, Louisville, is known for several things, including the home of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Apart from that, the city is also known for its Cardinals, Churchill Downs racecourse that hosts Kentucky Derby, and Louisville Slugger baseball bats, to name a few.

The city is brimming with annual festivals all year round, sporting events, performing arts, overflow of culture, and a tremendous range of parks and outdoor attractions.

According to a study by Go To Louisville, tourism is the 3rd largest industry in Kentucky, generating an economic impact of $14.5 billion. Furthermore, Louisville alone generates $3.5 billion for tourism-related activities. The Kentucky Derby in 2019 observed an attendance of 271,323, generating $356.5 million.

However, the largest event back then was Thunder Over Louisville fireworks show that was attended by over 725,000 people and generated an economic impact of $16 million. Other noticeable events included the likes of the Mid-America Trucking Show and the National Farm Machinery Show.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the top ten destinations and spots you can visit in Louisville for free.

1.     21C Museum Hotels

Louisville-based combinations of the contemporary art museum, the 21c Museum Hotels are a boutique hotel chain owned by AccorHotels, the parent organization. The headquarters at Louisville features permanent installations as well as a special exhibition of works by prominent artists such as Alfred Jaar, Andres Serrano, Bill Viola, Chuck Close, David Herbert, David Levinthal, etc.

The Louisville location renovated five 19th century tobacco and bourbon warehouse buildings to house the museum along with the hotel and its restaurant. The facility was designed by Deborah Berke & Partners Architects, for which it won the American Institute of Architects Kentucky Honor Award in 2011.

2.     Big Four Bridge

Connecting Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana, the Big Four Bridge crosses the Ohio River. It is a six-span bridge that was completed back in 1895. Later in 2014 it was converted to bicycle and pedestrian usage. The entire bridge spans over 2,525 feet or 770 meters.

Access to the bridge is limited to pedestrian and bicycle use only. It would take approximately 30 minutes to walk across and back, making it the perfect place to take a stroll with a friend or have a nice evening or night chat. You can also get pizza with iced tea from a nearby parlor to add more flavor to your visit.

3.     Cathedral of the Assumption

Say hello to this magnificent structure and holy place, which serves as the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville. You can also meet Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., who is the fourth Archbishop of Louisville and takes residence at the Cathedral. It is quite noticeably one of the most famous places in the city that you can visit.

Both the interior as well as the exterior are adorned with rich decorative elements, including the likes of wood carvings, emboss, arched windows, frescoes, and a beautiful grand organ that is indeed the focal point of many religious events. Meet the Cathedral staff and let your spirits find peace and tranquility in this uplifting environment.

4.     Cave Hill Cemetery

You might be wondering that first the church and now a cemetery, this author takes, but that is not the case. The Cave Hill Cemetery is a National Cemetery and arboretum in Louisville from Victorian era. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979 and is on 296 acre.

Before the era of large municipal parks, it was quite common for cities to promote a garden cemetery as a green oasis and recreation destination. The cemetery currently features more than 500 species of trees and shrubs. Here you can also visit the grave of Muhammad Ali. From the main entrance at the corner of Baxter Ave. and E. Broadway, follow the road with the solid green line to the grave.

5.     Iroquois Amphitheater

Meet one of the largest outdoor performance halls in Louisville, where live bands and movies are presented, along with a small experimental theater. This historic venue, the Iroquois Amphitheater, serves as the official amphitheater for the commonwealth of Kentucky. Not only is it handicapped accessible, but it also offers seating arrangements for up to 2,400 people.

Here you can visit to enjoy a variety of performing arts and cultural programs, including concerts, festivals, local community events, and movie nights. The amphitheater is operated by the Louisville Metro Government and the Louisville Department of Parks and Recreation. Construction for this grand venue was completed back in 1938.

6.     Louisville Nature Center

Located at 3745 Illinois Avenue, Louisville, KY 40213, the Louisville Nature Center offers trails and a Nature Play Area that is open daily from dawn till dusk. You can visit the place from Monday to Saturday any time between 9 am in the morning to 4 pm in the evening. A privately funded and non-profit organization, Louisville Nature Center strives to teach people about the natural world where people can visit and enjoy nature.

Major facilities included Bird Blind, Nature Library, Nature Play Area, and Sensory Garden. The LNC also manages the Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve that offers 41 acres of the urban forest and nearly two miles of publicly accessible trails.

7.     Marshall Playground & Sprayground

If you are visiting with your friends and family during the summertime, the best spot is undoubtedly the Marshall Playground and Sprayground. Located at 1310 S Beckley Station Rd, this a great place to take your kids and have them use all their energies bathing in the sun. Parents can just simply relax, sit back, and chill. Simply pack some lunch or something to eat for the family and have a great time.

This is one picnic you would wish never ends. You can visit this place throughout the week anywhere from 6 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening. At Dissertation Assistance, young learners are encouraged to balance work and play in their daily regimen for personality development.

8.     Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind

Enlighten your kids and yourself by learning about the history of education for the people who are blind. The American Printing House for the Blind offers inspirational stories and provides stupendous exhibits that will make your jaws drop, including tactile systems, braille production, and writing devices, to name a few. Pupils who opt for coursework writing service UK may find a trip to this place quite liberating.

9.     The Filson Historical Society

Originally called the Filson Club, the Filson Historical Society is located in the Old Louisville neighborhood. There are extensive collections that focus on Kentucky and its history, including first maps of the state. There is also a research facility that offers manuscript collections as well as a library of rare books.


10.    WFPK Waterfront Wednesday

The Waterfront Park is the place to be, and the reason I mentioned Wednesday is that you get to view live musical performances from popular artists. The avenue stretches for 85 acres, and as of 2005, the WFPK provides wireless internet access. The spot attracts more than 1.5 million visitors per year with free concerts and festivals, especially during summer.


Let’s be honest here. In general, Kentucky is simply an awesome place not only to visit but also to settle in with your family. There are tons of historical places for you to visit and miles upon miles of green space to just relax. Louisville is at the heart of this serene and wonderful environment where you can find entertainment bursting out in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

Plus, there are heap loads of art and culture that you can keep on visiting and revisiting to your heart’s content. As an ending note, I would just say Louisville is simply awesome, and if you haven’t been there yet, then you should definitely plan out a trip anytime soon. You will fall in love with the city!

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