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A lot of Painting professionals or even amateurs have a ton of questions when they buy a particular product. Just like everyone, even in the painting industry people likes making investments that last long. It’s a smart consideration, the paints machines today are so expensive that if you buy without giving it much thought, it will end up costing you.

We have given reviews for a lot of spray machines including Titan 440 (Link to titan 440 review article here).

Titan 440 paint sprayer has been rated the best in terms of build quality, features, performance, and value not just by professionals but also many DIYers and amateurs as well. However,most of our readers have a fews concern and those who have bought TITAN 440 come up with lots of questions like:

  • Which is the best Titan repacking kit for 2020, 2019, 2018?
  • Which is the best packing kit to buy for Titan 440
  • Which kit is the best and affordable for Titan 440?
  • Which is the best Titan kit on market today?

To answer all these questions for our readers, we have listed down top-rated kits of Titan 440 to help you better understand and rate the kits as per your needs.

1.      730401 OEM Repacking / Repair Kit

This is a titan replacement kit that has genuine parts of titan for sale and is used as a repair kit. The kit is made in the USA. It fits in Titan 440i, 640i, 440HP, 440HPX, 440XC, 447HP, 447HPX, 550XC, 660HPX, 690HP, 660XC, 690GXC, 690HPG, 3205E, 3305E, 3405, 3100SL, PowrLiner 3100 and many others. The customers of this product on Amazon have rated this kit 3.5 out of 4. A lot of reviewers claim that the repair kit made their machine as good as new.

Based on this we would say this kit is definitely a must-buy! See Amazon review here.

2.      Piston Pump Repair Kit 704-586 704-551

The piston pump repair kit is rated second-best among the kits of Titan.  It fits a titan 440 and is rated 3.5 out of 4 on Amazon.  It mostly has positive reviews on Amazon and is considered a very reliable kit that works. The kit is considered a cost-effective alternative and is the best fit for titan 440. It’s a good buy but doesnot include small 0-rings that are included in the Titan repacking kit.

It is rated 3.5 out of 5 on amazon by its users. See Amazon reviews here.

3.      Titan 730-401 or 730401 Repair Kit

This is an after-market repair kit for titan spray machines. The kit replaces Titan 730-401. It’s high quality and high-performance kit with a very affordable price range. All the parts of the kit are made in the United States of America with the highest quality material. The procedures through which the parts have to go through have high-quality control and the parts go through quality control inspection procedures to get into Titan kits.

The kit is rated 4 out of 5. A lot of its user saysits an inexpensive hack to fixing old machines. See Amazon reviews here.

4.      TITAN 730-401 Bedford 20-2242 Kit – 440HP, 447HP, 660HPx Bedford Precision 20-2242

This kit includes Aftermarket parts for sprayguns and spray machines for Titan. The kit has a rating of 4.5 out 5 and the kit includes everything that you could need to repair your machine.

See Amazon reviews here.

5.      Titan 704-586 or 704586 Repair Kit

This is a repair kit that replaces Titan 704-586. All the parts of this kit are processed through a quality control procedure to be a part of repair kits.  The parts are all high-quality materials and are manufactured in the united states of America. The kit ensures a smooth performance after the parts are used. What special about this particular kit is, that they are interchangeable with spraytech and Wagner pumps also.

See Amazon reviews here.

6.      Titan Wagner 0532911 Piston Repacking Kit

This particular Titan repacking kit has genuine OEM parts. It fits Impact 340 and 400. It has a 5-star rating from its user and is considered a very efficient packing kit for Titan, as well as Wagner spray machines and guns.

See Amazon Reviews here.

Closing words on Titan Kits

In the painting industry, it is no secret that the Titan 440 revolutionized the industry.  How did it do that? Let me tell you at the time when titan 440 was launched, paint sprayers were usually bulky and expensive. Titan 440 ensured portability at a lower price. And by further introduction of repacking, repairs kits, and replacement kits titan ensured that by investing in their products it meant that the durability of the product could be extended for as long as the machines were usable.

By this article we hope to have satisfied our readers.

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