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September 23, 2021

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Tips to Clean and Organize a Closet

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I always used to assume that I am more than just an organized person. But when I was shifting my place I came across the fact that I was totally wrong. The worst thing that came in front of me was my messy closet. It took great courage and a couple of days to sort it out. I know, most of you can relate yourself with this example. Because closet is the place which gets up messed just like your girlfriend and surely you cannot make it with an ice-cream. This piece of work is going to provide you great tips of motivating yourself to fix your closet and you will also find out different ways to clean your mess easily.

All lights on you

The first tip to get motivated is, get out of the dark! Turn all the lights on and feel like a celebrity. Absorb the positivity from the environment and pull up yourself with all energy. Scream inside that you can do it! Trust me this would work in all the other cases as well.

Turn on the music

Everyone has a different taste of music, one can easily identify what makes him energetic. Before jumping into the job turn on the music and make a mood that you are going to do something. Make sure you play something that boosts up your energy. Avoid playing sad tracks as they drain you down.


To fix the big fish break it down into the pieces! Sort down your stuff in subcategories. Keep them in the group, for instance; shoes on one side, clothes on one, bags here and accessories there. This will help you in doing your job easily. This will also help you to make your mind that how much space do you need to keep your stuff.

Don’t look at the ignored one

All of us have a group of things which is not used and just kept at the back with the intentions of using it later. But trust me if it is not used in a whole year then that later would never come. So, all such stuff should be passed to someone whom Yu think is needy enough to have it.

Fold the clothes

Fold all! Whether will keep or not is the decision for the later time, simply fold everything. This gives you a feeling that half of your job is done now when you will decide once that what you have to keep or not you just have to put it into the closet.

Make compartments

Making small compartments for your stuff in the closet helps you in keeping your things organized, especially the accessories.

Use tags

Out the tags according to your categories, this will help you to remember that where have you kept what! This will help you to make others find your stuff easily in your absence.


Organizing is the key to success and we cannot deny this fact. Sparing a couple of minutes more helps you in fixing your stuff easily. For some more useful tips, you can also check out I promise You won’t be late next time!

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