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Tips for Choosing the Right Limousine Service Provider

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choosing right limo

Hiring a limousine is a significant investment and a big decision. You are hiring a car in which you will be traveling, and your life is in the hands of a car company. Therefore, hiring a limousine should be from a trustworthy company, so you enjoy your ride instead of hoping that you reach your destination in one piece.

To hire one of the most reliable limousine services in Denver CO, you should know some basic things that need checking before hiring a limousine from any company.

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Limousine Company:

1) Ask about the gratuity of the chauffeur: a chauffeur is a person who drives limousines. He is a trained person who is an expert in everything in the limo. Most limousine companies charge a 20% gratuity for their drivers. But, if the tip is not included in the bill under the heading of ‘service charges’ then there is a chance that the company doesn’t pay enough to the chauffeur for their services and are keeping the tips for themselves instead of giving it to their drivers (like we tip the waiters at the restaurant). There is a high chance that the company is a fraud, so, move on to another company.

2) Ask how long they have been in limousine business: experience is essential in the limousine business. An experienced company is better than a startup. However, if you find a relatively new company but still strikes you, you can ask for the owner and his experience because sometimes new companies are owned by experience limousines owners. Their expertise will ensure that you have a pleasant journey in their car.

3) Ask about the model, color, and seating capacity of the vehicle: if you are hiring best limo service in Denver CO for your wedding, then you need to know how many people will be traveling at your wedding party towards the venue. Is it going to be 10-12 people, or will it be just the 2 of you? Before hiring any car, you should know about the number of people traveling with you, or it could spoil someone’s mood if you leave them behind because of less space. Similarly, ask for the color of limo you want to travel in.

4) Ask about legal documents: to trust a company, you should ask to see all their legal documents like the license of driver and company, insurance certificates, legal operation documents, etc. If the company fails to show you the relevant documents, you should not hire that company because it seems shady. Also, talk to people who have hired limousines from a particular company and see what they have to say about their experiences.

5) Ask about prices: ask your chosen company about all the expenses. Ask them about hourly charges and also ask them what they will charge for some extra features like decorations, special wine in the bar, movies, music, special lighting arrangements, etc. you should keep in mind that the price of limousines varies from season to season. If you are getting married in a high season (May-July), then the car’s rent will be high compared to the winter season because of fewer weddings. Mostly, the rent of a limo varies between 200$ to 400$ per hour (depending on amenities). So, check the prices thoroughly before finalizing the deal.

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