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Tile Refinishing Services in Toronto

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Regular day to day washing or mopping can clean your tiled floor to some extent but the older kitchen or bathroom tiles will become so dull and rough with the passage of time that it will become so tough to revive the original shine and lustre. Extensively used tiles like the ones present in the kitchen or bathrooms come to bepale and stains of grease or oil make a thin film over them causing to lose the beauty as that of new ones. Another problem with kitchen tiles is that heavy objects if fall on the tiles can crack the tiles and these cracks will be filled with dust, dirt and grease over the period of time which gives the kitchen a very bizarreview which you clearly won’t love to which. And those spaces between the tiles that turn yellowish or blacking due to oil, smoke and dirt is the nastiest thing you could imagine in your kitchen so in this scenario the options you are left with are either To change the whole flooring with new tiles, for which you will be, paying around hundreds of dollars and it will take a lot of your time, many days in fact to complete. OrThe second would be, seeking Bathtub Pro help and asking them to customise you a plan according to your current tiles situation. This option will save you your precious time and hard earned money both. And your house will be clean and sparkly as new.

Practising Bathtub Title refinishing in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga Hamilton and other cities for a very long time now and we know how to make our clients happy with our services. Our tile reglazing service has the following steps, tile sanding and cleaning, removing oil and grease by chemical, scraping off the old gross colour and coating the tile with enamel to repair all the cracks. This glossy layer of enamel will be allowed to dry and then again coating according to clients requirement this process will be repeated on the grout too so that all the spaces between are even and smooth. Once the process is completed you can reuse the space in a few hours without any worries. The quality of your house will be even better after our up-gradation. Our team will visit you and report you about the whole process. Now You would be thinking why you should opt reglazing  overexchanging? It’s because of the following reasons

  • More economical
  • Less expensive
  • Less time consuming
  • Practically approachable

We have our expertise in various home furnishings servicesother than tile refinishing like bathtub refinishing, cabinets refinishing, bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing, steamed tile cleaning, grout repairing and regroutingbathtub pro caoffers you a variety of tile reglazing\refinishing options andgives your home a whole new and modernlook by uplifting the beauty of the flooring of your home. So don’t wait to get your house renovated in a very acceptable amount. Call us now or visit our website to get further details of our services

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