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Things You Should Keep In Mind While Operating Your Air Conditioner

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Your AC may be from the best air conditioner brands out there, but there are always techniques you can use to maximize its cooling. Following these tips can help you get more cooling from your air conditioner without the added electrical costs. As summer rolls by here are some things you should keep in mind while operating your AC.

Direct Sunlight Makes Your AC Work Harder

When operating your AC during the day, consider shade to be your best friend. The more the amount of direct sunlight that hits your room, the hotter its temperature will be. In response, your AC will have to work harder to keep the room cool. Even with the best 1.5 ton split inverter AC, this results in added electrical costs. You are also not preserving the quality of your AC by using it at full capacity for long periods of time. Hence, if you are operating your AC during daylight hours, consider indoor lighting, or lowering the amount of sunlight entering your room.

Using the ACs’ Built-in Timer Can Reduce Electrical Costs

When you sleep with your AC switched on overnight, you use it for 8 to 9 hours at a stretch. This usage forms the bulk of your electrical bill every month. During summers, most people tend to use their ACs in this manner. However, almost every AC model from the best air conditioner brands is equipped with an inbuilt timer. The timer allows you to control how long your AC operates. If you set the timer to 5 hours of use every night, your AC will automatically switch itself off after the timer elapses once 5 hours are up. This easily saves 3 hours every night, which quickly adds up to 21 hours of usage saved per week. Every month that is 80+ hours of use that you are avoiding.

For Better Cooling, Regularly Cleaning Your AC is Important

Your AC needs regular cleaning just as other appliances do. By servicing it every month, you are getting someone to professionally clean your ACs vents and filters. If you do not clean your AC’s internal system for a long time, you risk your AC’s filter from getting damaged due to the collection of dust, particles and other residue. Your AC also does not offer the same cooling strength when atmospheric dust has settled in its vents and filters. The appliance must work harder to provide the same cooling, thereby increasing its power consumption.

Keeping Heat Emitting Appliances Switched Off Increases Cooling

Just as direct sunlight increases indoor temperatures, so does the use of heat-emitting appliances. Things like a mini-refrigerator, lamp, television, computer, microwave, oven, or indoor stove are all examples of heat emitting devices. Using too many of these appliances at the same time increases the temperature of your room. Your AC will not have the same effect as it would in a room where heat-emitting devices are used to a minimum. Hence, keep in mind the number of heat-emitting devices you are simultaneously using while your AC is operational.


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