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The Role of IT Support Companies in Business Growth

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Totality Services IT Support Services We Offer in UK.

Most companies in this present age have an IT Support department that focus on all technological issues that sprout. On a layman level, the IT experts are regarded as those who solely reboot systems or reinstall new software. Aside these simple tasks, they perform complex tasks that are important to the successful running of the company.  IT professionals perform many more tasks that are not known to many people. The importance of the IT Support unit cannot be overemphasized.

Major Functions of Our IT Support Unit

On a general note, the IT department provides infrastructure for technology that needs minimal human assistance (automation); implement administration for the use of operating systems, as well as networks. It also helps the operational units in the organization by ensuring they have access to technologies that will boost their functionality.

The functions of the IT Support unit in Totality Services based in London fall into these three categories: Governance, Infrastructure and Functionality.

  1. Governance: This consist the conventional IT security and data assurance services offered by our Totality Services’ IT department. Governance encompasses the institutionalisation of operational guidelines for the use of architecture, networks and IT systems by individuals and functional units in organisations. The control of the master data is dependent on workflow processes that influence business rules.
  2. Infrastructure: The circuitry, the hardware components, the network and other equipment needed for the functionality of an IT system is regarded as infrastructure.
  3. Functionality: We can say this is the major task of the IT department. Functionality encompasses the creation and maintenance of operational applications; the development, safeguarding and storage of electronic data that solely belongs to the organisation; and the provision of assistance to all the functional areas of the organisation in the use of data management and software.

The IT Support services offered by Totality Services in UK include the following:

  • Computer Network Systems Installation & Maintenance: We offer IT Support services in London, one of which is the installation and maintenance of computer network systems in companies. Depending on the size of the organisation, a single IT expert might be required, or a team. We ensure your computer network functions smoothly. Our IT Support team always evaluates and installs the appropriate hardware and software needed for the proper running of the computer network. At Totality Services, we work within a budget that allocates the cost your company can afford on software and network devices. We invest in equipment that will judiciously serve your needs without neglecting your budget.
  • Network Emergencies: The aftermath of network system breakdown is always costly. It will affect the operations of the company, as well as the external entities that enjoy the products and services. These external entities can lose confidence in the company’s ability to provide their needs. We at Totality Services are aware of these catastrophic eventualities, hence, our IT Support experts have been trained to design crisis plans that will be helpful in such cases. We design customised crisis plans for companies to ensure the network systems are put back to their functional states as fast as possible.
  • Applications Development: Companies across the universal globe see creation of applications as the major role of the IT department. Truth be told, it is just part of their major roles. Having the appropriate applications let a business to be innovative, efficient, more productive and lead its competitors. The IT Support experts in Totality Services in London are experienced in the development of applications for businesses. Our IT support team includes analysts, programmers, testers, interface designers, database administrators and other Information technology professionals.
  • Website Development: One of the IT Support Services we offered at Totality Services is the creation and maintenance of company’s website. We create the codes, design the layouts and test the usability of the site.
  • Telephony: We assist companies with smooth flow of communication. We provide technological solutions to facilitate communication that involve conference calls and point-point phone calls.

We provide fully managed IT Support in London. Our services are available for small and medium sized businesses in London. We are a call away.

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