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September 23, 2021

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How to Keep Your UPS Systems Safe During the Summer?

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UPS Systems Safe

Summer is the season of sandy beaches, ice-cold lemonades, and vacations full of adventure and fun! However, summer also has a dark side, especially when it comes to the care and maintenance of our power supply systems. Backup power supply systems such as a UPS can be adversely affected by the blistering heat of summer.

Hence, it is essential for us to set up a robust system of safeguards, which will protect the delicate parts of equipment against damage caused by fluctuations in the weather or temperature.

Safeguarding the power backup systems are the first step in this crucial process. Installing high-quality UPS systems in your office and home will ensure that all the electrical equipment is protected against sudden blackouts and power failures. However, these UPS systems also need to be optimally maintained to ensure that they perform well for years to come.

Keeping the UPS Systems Safe During the Summer

To keep your UPS systems functioning smoothly regardless of the season, you need to arrange for routine preventive maintenance from time to time. In the summer, business owners must take necessary steps to ensure that their power protection system is fully updated and set up optimally to respond as needed to some of the threats specific to the summer season.

But to take the necessary precautions, we first need to understand exactly what problems we are dealing with. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why the summer season poses a threat to our power backup and UPS systems.

Electrical Problems Associated With the Summer Season

There are various problems unique to the summer season that adversely affects the efficacy of the UPS systems.

Excessive Heat

The extreme heat during the summer months may damage sensitive or delicate pieces of equipment. The internal components of a UPS system may run very hot because of the rising external temperatures, which would, in turn, cause them to wear out faster. Even if the device does not seem to be overheated externally, the internal parts can be damaged due to rising temperatures.

Particularly vulnerable during the summers are the power grids with over-tasked transmission lines, which might become overwhelmed by the extensive use of air-conditioners. Moreover, the rising heat levels negatively impact the ability of the power lines to transport electricity, which might, in turn, cause the lines to sag or fail.

The other electrical lines then have to pick up the slack after the first line goes out of service, further exacerbating the overloading issue. This will inevitably lead to declining voltage levels, which might damage equipment.

Hurricanes and Thunderstorms

Rough weather conditions are often a part and parcel of the summer season. Thunderstorms and hurricanes are common during this time of the year and have been known to cause power outages and blackouts from coast to coast. Unplanned blackouts are especially common in the most humid areas as an excess of warmth and moisture in the air often leads to thunderstorms.

During the summer, there are large-scale shifts in the wind direction, which brings regular thunderstorms even to typically dry regions such as New Mexico and Arizona. Thunder and lightning can damage electrical equipment and cause UPS systems to shut down abruptly due to overuse during the frequent blackouts. Often lightning can also spark fires that may burn down the wooden utility poles that supply electricity to homes and organizations.

The Need for UPS Maintenance during the Summer

If you aren’t careful, the summer can be a dangerous season for all your electrical devices and equipment, especially the UPS systems. For business owners, this can be particularly damaging, because, in the modern world, all data is stored in computers, hard disks, or the cloud that can only be accessed via devices that run on electricity. Moreover, most of the work in any office is done using electrical devices. Hence, any disturbance in the power supply can adversely impact the bottom-line of the business by increasing losses incurred in the downtime and the additional repairs for the UPS system.

When it comes to combating the hazards of the summer season, the UPS system is often the main line of defense within an organization. It helps keep the critical equipment functioning during voltage fluctuations and power outages, thus preventing the loss of data and any reductions in productivity during this time.

Therefore, you must hire the best maintenance for UPS systems plans to make sure that they respond during the times when you need power backup the most. Failure in this domain could result in huge losses of data and potentially devastating and prolonged downtime for the business.

In Conclusion

If regular upkeep is neglected and UPS maintenance is not up to the mark, it could cause the power backup system to become unreliable and full of glitches. Damaged equipment, lost data, and a reduction in revenue are just some of the possible fallouts of such neglect.

Routine maintenance will improve the overall performance of the UPS system and extend its lifespan as well, keeping your organization safe from the ravages of the summer season. Routine UPS battery maintenance will also enable you to detect potential snags or problem areas before they can cause major issues in your organization.

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