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The Promising Years of Pakistan

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Pakistan has taken a place on the arena degree, in sports, technology, and humanitarian efforts. In the various sporting areas, Pakistan has held a dominant function for decades in a row.


Pakistan has been a powerhouse in discipline hockey. The Pakistan National Field Hockey team additionally called the guys in green, stimulated a sense of recognition and perhaps a bit of envy in their opponents. They dominated the sector degree for years, bringing home over 20 trophies. The Pakistan team possesses an extraordinary record:

o World Cup Championships- Four championship trophies were gained between 1971 and 1994.
O Olympics – The team won 8 medals, which includes 3 gold medals (1960, 1968, and 1984).
O Six Nations Champions trophy- The team received the trophy 3 times.
O Asian Games- Pakistan won seven games between 1958 and 1990


Recently, the recognition of cricket In Pakistan has increased significantly, mainly after the World Cup victory in 1992. The game is drawing new expertise and new sponsors supporting the Pakistan National Cricket crew. The National Cricket Team also has reached some marvelous totals:

Highest wickets – 502 (ODI)
Highest score – 194 (ODI)
Most runs in a 12 months – 1788 (Test)
Fastest century – 37 balls
Most centuries in a year- 9


Pakistan additionally has a history of dominating squash, with 17 wins at the World Open and 12 wins at the British open – the very best of any group, and the Pakistan open 19 instances . For 5 years, Jahangir Khan, considered with the aid of many to be the excellent squash player of all time, won 555 consecutive games.
Pakistan has additionally received the 1994 global beginner championship, the 2006 IBSF World Masters Champion, and the Asian Games Gold medal.


The Pakistan Amateur Boxing Federation has also executed success with an Olympics silver medal in 1988, SAF video games gold medal in 1985, and an Asian games gold medal 1990.


Pakistan additionally may additionally appearance with pride toward their a success sailing teams. The Pakistan crusing crew gained the silver World medal and the gold medal at the Asian games in 1978. Pakistan then went directly to dominate the game for the next 14 years with wins in 1986, 1990 and 1992. The 1978 win also result in the government officially granting respectable reputation to the PSAF.

Humanitarian Awards

Pakistan’s sports activities, while essential to many people, must no longer overshadow the critical contributions to humanity made by organizations and scientists primarily based inside the country. Visit here for

Nobel Prize

Dr. Abdus Salam who received the Nobel Prize for physics, turned into the primary Pakistani Nobel Laureate, and turned into the primary Muslim Nobel Laureate in science. In the 1960’s, Salam helped establish the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

Atomic Power

In 1998, Pakistan have become an professional member of the Nuclear age, with a successful test of an atomic weapon.

Edhi Foundation

The Edhi Foundation, a non-income social welfare software based in Pakistan, offers emergency assistance in Pakistan and overseas. The foundation presents free hospital therapy, drug rehabilitation treatment and shelters for the destitute. The Foundation has also supplied resource via country wide and worldwide relief projects. The Foundation has acquired popularity thru the following awards:

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