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The Famous Staple Foods

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The Famous Staple Foods

If you have ever fabricated an academic essay task related to foods or asked professional essay writers provider to do my essay, you may have come across the term staples. To clear your confusion, a staple crop is the one which can be stored for long so that it can be utilised throughout the year.

Our earth is home to many civilisations and cultures which are diverse in nature from one another. This diversity can also be witnessed by referring to the different staple choices around the globe. Some countries use wheat as their staple food, whereas others may employ the use of rice to satisfy their hunger. Bottom line, it varies from region to region.

The most widely used staple foods around the world are:

Corn:Corn is the largest produced grain around the world due to its abundance and increased international trade, many countries have adopted plus incorporated the use of this crop in their diet after boiling, drying or pulverising it to produce flour.

Corn has gained the status of staple food in Africa, Europe, the United States, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Wheat:Wheat constitutes 15% of the world’s calorie intake,and it is one of the popular grain around the world. This grain can grow in areas where the environment is cold and the survival rate of other crops is minimum. Typically, wheat is dried and pulverised to yield flour that is utilised to produce bread, crackers, pastries etc.  France, China, Russia, India, and the United States are the major consumers of this crop.

Rice:The largest cultivators of rice in the world are China, Indonesia, and India. According to the researchers, the use of rice as a staple food dates back to ancient times and through trade, the use of this crop spread to the vast part of the world. Today, rice contributes to the nourishment of 1.6 billion masses around the world.

Potatoes:The potato has been among the top stable crops,and it was originated from the Andes to make its way into Europe. This crop has been liked by many since it can be utilised in various forms such as the mashed potatoes or the fries. The recipes to produce potato containing product face innovation every now and then, therefore, it can safely be said that the potatoes are one of the competitive crops to beat.

Soybeans:This crop contains a significant amount of amino acids, protein, and oil which play a major role in human nutrition. This product yields a large amount of protein and is mostly grown in the upper Midwest. The top five soybean producers are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, and India.

To sum this up, it can be said that every country or region has its own preference for crop utilisation which may be a result of cultural heritage or environmental conditions. Nevertheless, all of these staples hold their prime value in our nutritional diet and every individual should intake these crops once in a while. 


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