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The Birth of a Child at the Time of the Coronavirus: Some Reflections

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The Birth of a Child at the Time of the Coronavirus

The arrival of a baby always brings with it many questions. Some more rational, of management. Others are more emotional than their own experiences, fears and fears. Furthermore, in this precise historical moment, the many contrasting emotions are exasperated by what we are experiencing. The birth of a child at the time of the Coronavirus brings with it very particular issues on which, perhaps, we have never before paid attention in this way. The arrival of a child, already a complex event in itself, ready to put the balance into play, becomes even more destabilizing in a period like this, when quarantine makes everything more unstable and less predictable.

The Birth Of A Child In The Time Of Coronavirus: The Risk Of Transmission

The birth of a child in the time of the Coronavirus brings with it countless fears and fears including HLTAID003 First Aid Certification. Unfortunately, faced with many questions, we still do not have certain answers. The speed of expansion of the phenomenon does not allow to have secure data, to date. The research carried out so far, however, shows that the risk of transmission from the mother to the fetus in the uterus can be excluded. Obviously, as mentioned above, the research is not definitive, but the first data we have available, on the nine women from Wuhan diagnosed with pneumonia caused by Codiv-19, and are encouraging.

The Birth Of A Child In The Time Of Coronavirus: The Time Of Birth

Another important issue is that related to the time of delivery. The provisions we have available to date indicate that only one person can be present in the delivery room. Obviously, the presence of people who have suspicious symptoms is strictly excluded. It is also indicated that it is forbidden to visit the mother and the child, even after the moment of birth. The situation is constantly changing and, of course, it can change from situation to situation. The best thing, therefore, is to ask for information from your hospital of reference, in order to understand how to best organize yourself for such a delicate moment.

Obviously, these limitations make the situation more complex. The presence of loved ones, in fact, in these moments is fundamental. What is required, therefore, is a great effort. Fortunately, today’s technology comes to meet us. Although the use of mobile phones and smartphones is often accused of amplifying the distances between people, today these devices can make a difference. Through the ability to send photos, messages and make video calls, new technologies can shorten distances among the people. Of course, they cannot replace physical closeness or the warmth of a hug. But, right now, they can make a difference. New technologies can be a way to make presence felt, even if virtual. And, these days, it’s not cheap. The birth of a child in the time of the Coronavirus also requires these sacrifices. Fortunately, however, we have the means to find alternative ways. Of course, it’s not the same thing. But it helps. These tools, moreover, can also prove useful the presence of older brothers and sisters who, inevitably, find themselves facing such a delicate moment separated from their mother.

The Birth Of A Child In The Time Of Coronavirus: How To Manage The Post-Birth?

The postpartum is a very delicate moment for the mother and the entire family system. In this specific situation that we face, where everything is different and national provisions provide for limitations, it is important not to feel even more isolated and left alone. This aspect is fundamental, always, for every pregnancy. And, still too often, we forget it. But, never as in this moment, must we keep this in mind.

The period followed by childbirth is very delicate. Collective support for the new mother becomes fundamental, as she finds herself rebuilding a new balance. The changes of these first months are sudden and involve the mother and the family at three hundred and sixty degrees. The sharing and comparing, with the means we have available today, are fundamental.

The Birth Of A Child In The Time Of Coronavirus: When There Are Brothers And Sisters

The birth of a child in the time of the Coronavirus is not easy. Furthermore, the presence of little brothers and sisters can amplify the difficulties of the moment. We need to explain to older children what is happening. The impossibility of meeting the mother in the hospital, the break with a known everyday life, the impossibility of having one’s own space or meeting other family members makes everything more complex. Older brothers and sisters may also be affected by this situation. How, then, to help them in this delicate moment?


Preparation at the time of birth is essential for every child. It is important to explain to them what will happen, based on the age and developmental level of the child. It is important to be very concrete, explaining that the mother will have to go to the hospital and that in those days they will not be able to meet physically. If you already use video calls or voice messages, for example, it can be helpful to use those tools to keep in touch. It becomes essential to prepare children for what will happen, without distressing them excessively. It is important to inform them, and to welcome the emotions that may arise from it. Listening to what they have to say, accepting concerns and fears therefore becomes fundamental.

For adults, who imagined a different scenario in their own mind, it is much more difficult to accept that things cannot go as they had assumed. For children, on the other hand, who have no knowledge of practice, it may seemingly be simpler. It is certainly normal that we are sad and sorry for the separation from mom. It is their right. Also because, for many, it can be the first prolonged separation from their mother. However, it is necessary not to be frightened by the feelings of sadness, fear or anger that may emerge, but to welcome and understand them, helping the children to better manage these emotions.


As we said before, never as today do we feel the usefulness of means of communication that shorten distances? This can also be helpful. Ensuring the little ones the opportunity to share the first moments of their little brother’s arrival, perhaps with a video call or by sending photos, becomes essential. As always, balance is the best choice. It is necessary to be careful not to overload the child with calls, to avoid transmitting anxiety or a sense of oppression, but, at the same time, make one’s presence felt. It is important for those who stay at home with the child to stay close to them and become an important reference for them, in order to welcome their emotions.

It is also important to accept that emotions are not necessarily what you expect right away. Some children, in fact, with the arrival of a little brother or sister, can also show signs of discomfort or suffering. They may, for example, pee in bed, report recurrent nightmares or restless sleep, insomnia or loss of appetite. Often, these manifestations are completely physiological and, if transient, they are a sign of a new balance that is going to be built, obviously with the effort that building a new balance requires.


Telling stories on the subject of pregnancy, expectation and birth can be helpful. You can find already written stories, or invent them according to your situation. The arrival of a baby brother or sister is a complex time, and it is normal for children to have mixed feelings. We cannot deny that they have fear, sadness or anger over their mother’s departure. At the same time, however, we can show them empathy, understanding and ways of being close, even unconventional ones. The role of the father, in this, is fundamental. We take the opportunity of the presence at home of the whole family (where possible) to devote time to these aspects.

The Birth Of A Child In The Time Of The Coronavirus: The Return Home

The return home is difficult, in any situation. In this enforced quarantine, it can be even more so. It is important not to leave the new family alone, adopting all the necessary precautions. It becomes essential to organize to support the mother and the child, the father and the brothers and sisters. Such as? It is not known. Perhaps it is the first time that we are facing a period like this, but it is important not to get discouraged. Adopt flexible thinking, which can help us get out of the pre-established patterns. It’s difficult. Sometimes, it seems impossible. But it is important. To accept that what we thought a few months ago must be completely destroyed is terrible. However, let’s take the time to think about what it will be like. Along with so many limitations, this situation can bring with it an enormous amount of resources. The difficulty lies in being able to grasp them. But, in this, the human species has always had an edge.

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