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10 Essential Mobile App Marketing Ideas

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Mobile App Marketing Ideas

App Store is flooding with apps which implies that people have unlimited options to choose from. In a certain way, it is easier for people to try out new apps if they don’t like any app and for app developers, it appears to be a disadvantage.In this fiercely competitive tech world where everyone uses smartphones and can switch from one app to another in a matter of seconds, the bar to stand out is extremely high. Your app can easily go unnoticed if you are not marketing it strategically. Therefore, we are here to enlighten you about the marketing ideas that can earn your app maximum downloads and successful outcomes.

First: Social Media Marketing.

It is 2020, and we all are very well aware of the use and impact of social media. People regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, etc. have social media accounts. It is like a modern age obligation that technology has passed on to us. Hence, social media marketing can be very effective to spread awareness about your app. The smart use of Facebook is to advertise your platform in the most attractive way. Create a page, publish ads, and make promotion posts; the more people see your app on newsfeeds, the more they will remember you and most likely download the app.

Second: Don’t Wait for the Launch.

Do not delay your marketing plans until the day you launch the app. That is going to be too late. From the moment you start working on the concept and designs, you must start the ways to market it, your target audience, and your strategies. When you market an app well before it comes out, people will be waiting for it which develops curiosity and anticipation.

Third: Start Engagement.

Start taking feedback from your customers, make time to start engaging with them.Every digital marketing agency must ask the audience what they look for in apps and collect genuine reviews from relevant websites on social media before the launch of their product.

Fourth: Release Teasers.

Have you noticed how a movie teaser makes everyone excited, it leaves them asking for more? In the same manner, start releasing teasers about your app to entice your potential users about your application. Visuals attract people. Create powerful visuals that leave people curious about your application.

Fifth: Get Ready for Press Release.

Before the app is launched, prepare your promo videos that summarizes the idea of your internet marketing agency, the main features of your app, and how it is going to be helpful for the users. Connect with the media, bloggers, influencers to cover the press release and conduct interviews.

Sixth: HighApp Store Optimization.

There are certain ranking factors that makes Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store rank some apps at the top of the search results. The ranking factors include app titles, download data, ratings, etc. You can use some tools to identify which phrases are appropriate for your app users.

Seventh: Take Reviews.

Make efforts on receiving customer feedback and reviews. Mobile apps are mostly ranked based on value, rating, usage, and popularity. Read and respond to feedback and take them seriously. Allows your customers to reach out to them via your contact info to get detailed feedback.

Eighth: Attractive Description.

The app description must never be taken lightly. You may think that you can write the app description last minute, but it is more important than you think. Write a description that sells your app and makes people want to believe in your app.

Ninth: Landing Pages.

Landing pages are built to get your business more sales and attention. Make use of landing pages which helps you generate customer traffic from Twitter and Facebook. It can also be used as a default destination when your users wish to share your app by using social media or emails.

Tenth: More Visuals.

The visuals game has grown stronger over the years. People retain more information via videos than texts. Video is a great idea to introduce people to your app without making them read detail about it. It saves time, offers more engagement, and attracts more people’s interest.

Summing it up with the thought that It is not an overnight process to create an app, gain recognition, witness your internet marketing agency to boom, and become a millionaire. The reality is that even the best apps fail because the users are not even aware of their existence. What you have to do is market it in the best way and make them realize that they seriously need your app in their lives.

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