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The Best Vape Pens to Look For Before The End Of 2020

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The Best Vape Pens to Look For Before The End Of

Different people take CBD in various forms. Vaping is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD. With so many vaping products to go for, one may easily be overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are a few brands whose reputation makes them stand out. Check out the list below to know which vape pens to consider when thinking of buying one before 2020 comes to a close.

1.  SMOKO Vape Starter Kit

This makes an excellent choice for beginners who are trying to figure things out. It is one of the easiest pens to use because it comes with pre-filled cartridges. This means that you do not have to go through the messy process of filling up the e-liquid before using it. It may appear like a basic vaping pen, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It has a perfect build with impressive battery life; hence minimum replacements are required. It is an excellent choice because it also will not affect those close to you. Here are some reasons you should consider buying it even as you look to buy smok coils online.

  • Its simplicity making it convenient and easy to use
  • Not messy
  • Comes with interesting flavors
  • It is affordable and
  • Draw activated; hence no buttons required


2.  ePuffer Titan X

ePuffer is one of the best quality vape pens you will come across. The pen is created to last for ages. Looking at the impressive stainless steel build, one gets the feeling that this pen was precisely made to appear expensive and exquisite. Its battery life is long-lasting. The system has an easy-to-fill mechanism that makes it straightforward to use. Below is a summary of the reasons why you should buy it.

  • Has an excellent quality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comes with two coil heads
  • Great for new vapers
  • Top-fill tank makes it easy to refill


3.  Apollo OHM Go

This an excellent choice of vaping pen considering stick pen categories. It ranks among the favorites for new vapers because of its superb performance and ease of use. The tank comes with two coils and a powerful battery that lasts. Users love the fact that it does not have complicated fiddly settings. The battery is sensitive enough to recognize coil resistance; hence the automatic power output change allows users to enjoy optimum vape. You will also avoid necessary messes because the pen is a top-fill. Most users enjoy this pen because it offers two vaping options, making it easy for them to use whichever option they want at specific times. The summarized reasons below should encourage people looking for vape pens to consider it.

  • Excellent for beginners
  • Does not have confusing knobs
  • Comes with a USB and wall charger
  • Has two coils
  • It has a top-fill tank


4.  Freemax Twister

This one takes it when considering ohm pens. It features a Fireluke 2 sub-ohm tank. The flavoring is among the best there are, not to mention that it makes users happy. When considering performance, it is a notch higher compared to others in its category. Users will love its adjustable wattage and excellent battery life. This one is perfect for vaping enthusiasts. Summarized below are some of the main reasons why you should consider this pen.

  • Its battery life goes up to 2300mAh
  • Has an excellent flavor
  • Comes with two coils
  • The adjustable wattage is excellent
  • Perfect build and superb quality


5.  Jacvapour Series S-17


This is one of the favorite pens for vapers. It has a compact form and a reasonably long-lasting battery life. It would help if you plugged to use the device. The pen can set appropriate wattages accordingly because the battery quickly senses varied resistances from the coil, thus setting the best output wattage.

It has a tank that offers excellent flavor as long as you add your e-juice. Users can enjoy two types of vaping options, thanks to the two coils the pen comes with. Getting a second battery to serve as a backup will give you the ultimate vaping experience, just if the battery runs low. Here are some of the top reasons why buying this pen is a good idea.

  • Its 900mAh battery will serve you reasonably well
  • Uses one tank
  • Comes with two coils
  • The USB charger is convenient
  • All levels of vapers can conveniently use this pen

Final Thoughts

Getting a vape pen of your choice is highly dependent on personal preference and affordability. You may want to consider the level of vaping you are at when selecting the pen since some are best suited for beginners while others may work for all people. The bottom line is to go for what works as long as you can afford it.

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