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The Best Newsletters on Web Design

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What are the best web design newsletters to follow? These resources are an excellent tool to stay up to date on trends, new products and tools that can speed up your work.

In addition, subscribing to newsletters allows you to eliminate background noise: in the e-mail box you receive only the contents that interest you without having to necessarily search on web design blogs.

And this is a nice way to save time without ceasing training. Especially if you are a freelance web designer and have deliveries and customers to manage.

Even if you are taking your first steps in the profession, newsletters help you in selecting information by becoming an always open window on a world that you are learning about.

Web design: the best newsletters

That’s why I selected some of the best web design newsletters for you to follow. Take note and read more.


Sitepoint is a newsletter for web designers that provides tutorials, frameworks, information on the platforms like Wilderness Therapy For Adults With Depression that both developers and designers use and updates you on the latest industry trends.

It has been a real point of reference since 1999. You can choose to subscribe to 4 four different newsletters dedicated to different themes including: Design and UX, Front-end, Back-end, blockchain.

UX Newsletter

Here is another of the best web design newsletters to follow curated by designers. What does the UX Newsletter offer you? The 10 most interesting links of the week on user experience, interaction design, product design and usability. But not only.

The emails also contain useful tips on apps to use and tools for web designer.

Web Design Weekly

This web design newsletter will send you an email once a week. What does Web Design Weekly include?

Podcasts, interesting links, indispensable tools for web designers, ideas from industry leaders, advice on the profession.

Without a doubt, an excellent solution to keep up to date if you deal with web development and design.


Sidebar is one of the best web design newsletters. This resource bears the signature of Sacha Greif that every day offers you 5 incredible links that deepen user interface design, typography, CSS, research of potential customers.

The contents are particular and arouse curiosity, sometimes they are outside the box. A few examples?

You can read the guilt that plagues the designers or try to reflect on a hypothetical redesign of Twitter.

In short, Sidebar was designed to surprise is not just a guide for web designers. 

Responsive Design Weekly

Responsive Design Weekly is one of the best newsletters on web design. Every expert and enthusiast of responsive web design knows this resource. This reality will relieve you from doing continuous research on the subject. The reason? Justin Avery (the curator) is always on the piece.

Thanks to its contents you can always receive fresh tips, tools and tutorials that revolve around the design for mobile devices.

The real gem? Interviews, valuable testimonials from which to learn a lot.

Web Animation Weekly

Do you love the world of web animation and motion design? Then Web Animation Weekly, created by Rachel Nabors, is for you.

You can get a selection of content on the topic in question: videos, articles, book reviews and many curiosities. What are you waiting to sign up?


This is also one of the best newsletters on web design. Especially if you have the issue of online accessibility at heart.

The resource shares articles on tips and problems affecting this topic. Questions from the WebAIM discussion forum are also considered.

What else to know? The posts posted are signed by some of the top experts on web accessibility.

Best web design newsletters: share your experience

In this article I have shown you some of the best newsletters on web design. Resources edited by industry experts who share quality content resulting from years of experience in the field.

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