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Cure your problems of Gynecomastia at low cost

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Gynecomastia or man boobs is a condition where excess fat is accumulated on male chest region thus causing embarrassment and low self esteem among men.

Male chest is idolized to be flat without any body fat and excess skin. Most modern magazines and media depict flat and firm chest in male with muscular definition.

However, 50 percent of males suffer from man boob condition in varying proportion. This condition makes them uncomfortable with their own body and they feel shy lifting off their clothes in-front of their partners, colleagues, friends and family.

If there is excessive fat around the chest it gives the appearance of female breasts which shows even with shirt on and is subject to ridicule by people who are known to the person.

This condition can be caused by hormonal imbalance during puberty when there are excessive hormones developing in the body or later in life due to lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol, junk food consumption, drugs and steroid abuse. Obesity, stress, liver and heart diseases along with diabetes can also be reasons for this condition.

Estrogen is labeled as a female hormone which is necessary in miniscule proportions in male and is produced by androgen, which is the same hormone responsible for production of testosterone in the body.

While testosterone is responsible for male organ and masculine feature development like musculature, body hair, coarse voice and reproductive functions in males, estrogen is responsible for the development of opposite female characteristics. If hormonal growth becomes imbalanced, growth of man boob can be a result.

But you need not worry as this is not something you have to live with permanently. There are many effective surgical treatments for gynecomastia now with usually permanent and long lasting results.

First you should consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon that is renowned and is performing gynecomastia surgeries on regular basis. You should openly disclose your habits, diet, past medications or surgeries, any past or current disease or medical condition, since when this problem started, if you are still under some sort of medication, drugs, anti-depressants or steroids. Once our surgeon has examined you thoroughly he would be able to suggest you a treatment and the accompanying precautions you have to take care of before and after the surgery.

Based on your present condition and body goals he will also let you know the gynecomastia cost of treatment and surgery. Make sure to check the before and after photos, credentials, recommendations and testimonies of previous patients who had undergone this operation.

Always choose the most experienced and professional doctor for a gynecomoastia or any other surgical procedure. Our team of doctors will recommend you the most modern, effective yet least painful surgical procedure based on your requirement.

We have power assisted liposuction, gland removal, ultrasound vaser liposuction, laser liposuction and waterjet liposuction techniques which are ideal for different kinds of treatment of gynecomastia. Our results are permanent and close to perfection. You will face no blood loss, nerve damage or muscle damage with zero visible post operative scarring and fast recovery.

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