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October 16, 2021

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The Absolute Must-Haves an SEO Company Needs to Have

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The Internet has reshaped and revolutionized how companies do business. In recent times any business must leverage SEO for it to survive in this playing field. Venturing into an area you have no control of can sometimes be intimidating and challenging as well. 

But you should not worry as such, as there are SEO companies that are committed to that course and have all the professional experience when it comes to navigating the internet and the world of social media. 

The big question remains, what should you look for in an SEO company? Before making that big decision of hiring an SEO company for YouTube SEO, website SEO, PPC and ASO, it is advisable to investigate these three aspects and interrogate them based on the same.

Your potential hire to manage and run your SEO must be able to convincingly answer the following questions satisfactorily. First, you will need to understand what sets them apart from other SEO experts. An agency you are looking to hire must be able to pitch themselves to you and their SEO specialist must be able to incorporate some fundamental marketing in their pitch as they answer your question. 

At this point, it is crucial to get an opinion of their last client. Secondly, the agency must be able to comfortably give a summary of their SEO process and how they will drive traffic to your site. Make sure you understand, in case of a technical challenge, do they give clients that information? Understand the tools they use in their SEO campaign. 

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The tools they use determine the overall success of the strategy. Lastly, understand how long each agency takes before getting results, how they measure success, and the frequency of reports generated. Just like SEO companies, hiring a new PPC demands they have some bare minimums to meet your marketing needs. You need to look at the following while interrogating your potential PPC hire.

Transparency is the most crucial aspect of any PPC company you are going to hire as you will be trusting them with your product and your brand to do that one specific thing they specialize at. You need to get value for your money and not hire an agency who will disappear with your money and just send you reports now and then. 

Secondly, before signing that contract, understand the goals and expectations of the PPC agency and how firm they are on these goals before you commence with the relationship. Similarly, understand their strategy and don’t be thrown around with terms such as optimizations. 

The strategy should be a clear road map of how they are going to achieve their targets. Finally, understand each other’s role and what both of you are expected to contribute to this campaign.

The last aspect an SEO agency must have an excellent web design team and here to there are some bare minimums you should consider before penning down that contract. First, understand the team members and the expertise of those who make up the web design team. Understand what their accomplishment is, understand each role from the project manager, graphic designer, web developer, copywriter to SEO experts.

Make sure you have discussed their experience, understand, and review similar jobs they have handled. Have a look at their portfolio that showcases previous projects they have done, and if their specific examples impress you then you can kick start the process from there. 

Do not forget to ask for references and check out with them. Understand their experience with the web design agency. Scrap through the websites they have done, see if the layouts, responsiveness as well as functionality match. 

Access how they handle communication, are they reliable in times of crises, how quickly they respond to the client’s challenges and the support they offer.

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